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Do athiests suffer from mental illness?

I am trying to understand why athiests reject Jesus as god- do they have mental illness or something? They seem totally detached from reality that there is a God, and his name is Jesus. Some may feel temeopted to hate athiests, I don't, i think they are just sick, and can, and should be helped...

Are they crazy, or are they just uneducated?


if you reject jesus, you WILL burn in Hell. You don't get to Heaven through good deeds- you get to Heaven ONLY if you worship Jesus as God..

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    >Do athiests suffer from mental illness?

    Certainly! Being rational, looking at the evidence logically, is obviously insane. To be truly sane and have a healthy mind, one must have faith that a certain deity exists no matter what the evidence against it. I mean, only a crazy person would follow something like evidence, which changes from moment to moment as humans acquire more knowledge. To have a properly stable mind, one must base it on something solid and unchanging, like irrational faith.

    >I am trying to understand why athiests reject Jesus as god

    They seem to think that one should adapt one's beliefs to the evidence currently available. I know it seems insane, mostly because it is. Atheists only believe in that which they can perceive and deduce, true sanity lies in faith, in believing in that which you CAN'T perceive or deduce. I mean, if something is so mundane that physical evidence and basic logical principles supports its existence, how could it be worth worshipping? Atheists are obviously crazy.

    >They seem totally detached from reality that there is a God

    Indeed. Just think about it, they actually LOOK at the Universe and use LOGIC on what they perceive! They spend way too much of their time and effort staying close to what science proves, and as a result they end up detached from what science disproves, which is the really important stuff like Jesus and the Bible.

    >Some may feel temeopted to hate athiests, I don't, i think they are just sick, and can, and should be helped...

    Yes, but it's difficult to help someone who is so far gone. Do you think maybe by adopting the techniques used by O'Brien in George Orwell's 1984, we can manage to train their minds to believe the truth of the Bible rather than what the Universe suggests? It might be worth trying.

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    Well, as for your statement, "Jesus as god-" I would say that you are "uneducated." Jesus was God's son. Now I can not speak for Atheists, as I am non-religious. But do you have absolute undeniable evidence that God does exist? I do believe that there is some more powerful force in the universe other than man, whether it is "God" or nature, or "Goddess" or whatever you wish to call it, that is what I believe. But to some "God" might seem like an imaginary friend, and then you would be seen as the "crazy" one, as you have no absolute evidence that there is a "God." Still that quote, "Jesus as god" from you does not help your argument in seeing Atheists as "uneducated." So, maybe it is you that needs the help.

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    The Atheists I know and have seen on message boards tend to be highly intelligent and well balanced free thinkers. I think they are more liberated than most and I don't see a common thread of mental illness. At all. In fact, just the opposite.

    I have never seen an Atheist that was mentally ill. It seems to be more common among those that practice organized religion and struggle with their beliefs or faith. That has been my experience.

    If you don't understand someone and really want to then open your mind to their thoughts and try to gain that understanding that you lack. Even if you oppose their beliefs it's not going to damage you in any way to open your heart and mind to listen and understand them. They seem to take a scientific approach to understanding life and rely on actual proof, which they don't have. That's pretty easy to understand in my opinion.

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    No they are not delusional. Anyone who believes in a supernatural God for no other reason than that's what they were told as children are. God is not Santa Claus and faith is not superstition. If you believe, know why and act like you believe.

    Atheists I believe (and this is just my opinion) fall in catagories.

    1. Ignorant, they know nothing of the Gospels or the history of God's revelation to Man, or they know enough to have erroneous beliefs about it.

    They usually have a background that is mildly religious (unfortunately, this is very common with lapsed Catholics) and their parent or previous Pastor or Sunday school teacher was also ignorant of the scriptures and couldn't answer the tough questions that all intelligent searching people would ask, or they might have gotten those weak patent answers that makes it difficult to understand the possibility of the existence of a Divine creator and/or the supernatural. These people can be brought back to God if they can be shown the truth and they can see Christ in you and your life. But do not "preach" to them. Answer questions they may ask and show the love of Christ in everything you do. They may well come back to God. Unless they progress to #2.

    2. Arrogance. I unfortunately think this is most common. They don't want to know because they already have a God, the center of their universe, the know-all, the source of all their answers, the ultimate authority. Themselves. They don't want a supernatural being to tell them that the things they do and possibly enjoy is wrong or hurtful to others. They see religious people as weak minded and superstitious. Ironicly, they read a lot of philosophy books or might even believe in the possibility of advanced alien civilization (but can't accept an extremely advanced being called God) or they might think of themselves as a true "skeptic" and feel intellectually superior by not believing or accepting anything except things that are proven empirically. These are truly lost people, the hardest to show Christ to, truly "Satanic" in the sense of lost to their own pride and usually in love with their favorite sin.

    3. Angry. God has hurt them. Took a loved one, caused pain in their lives, disease, deformity etc. Maybe someone evil has hurt them and they feel God did not protect them. These people need a lot of love and kindness. Show them Christ in every thing you do.

    4. There is a small but growing group that is similar to #1. People who are completely ignorant of God and religion. They were never exposed or brought up with it etc. Like Jodie Foster. They look at Christianity the way we might look at Shintoism. As a Christian do you really know anything about Shintoism? They might be intellectually curious about your faith. Share with them, love them. They are actually very close to having faith if they call on God when they are in crisis and he sends you (his servant) to help.

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    Perhaps we are crazy. Crazy to know the truth.

    Educationally speaking - what do you mean uneducated? Most of us have read your bible and realize its mythology, astrology, and more. I have a MA in religious studies, does this mean I am uneducated? I have studied theology and world religions, am I still uneducated by your definition? I also have my BA in Philosophy - am I still uneducated?

    I am an atheist because I am educated. What credentials do you have for me?

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    No they don't. Why do they have to believe in God or Jesus if they choose not to. Why do they have to believe in Mohammed, Nirvana, or Zen Buddish if they choose not to.

    What if Atheists choose to believe that humans are like any other biological organism, that comes and goes? So what. What if someone believes in the Sun and Moon god? So what?

    Why is my god better than your god, or no god for that matter? Everyone should believe in or not believe in what they want. And they shouldn't harm others in doing so.

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    Atheists aren't sick. They don't need help. It's their own choice to believe there is no god. Sometimes it can be really hard to think that some all powerful being is up there watching us when life can really stink sometimes. (This is coming from someone who has suffered a LOT).

    People have a hard time believing in something that's not tangible.

  • JD
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    No they don't just as anyone else doesn't if they don't agree with your beliefs.

    Are you implying that religion is a sickness??? Or that if someone doesn't believe the same as you they suffer from some kind of mental illness??

    I'm sorry but I believe you lack education on spiritual matters.

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    What is with the 12 year old mentality?

    NO they do NOT suffer from mental illness.

    If anything, looking at the facts, someone who lives by a book that was written by an invisible man in the sky, and tries to live their life to that invisible man would seem to be mroe insane

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    I believe in God, but I don't think that atheists are crazy. I don't agree with you that they are sick and need to be helped.

    They might say that we are crazy and detached from reality because we believe in God!

    I recommend you just leave them alone. Everyone has their own opinion, you can't force someone to believe as you do.

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