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Why would you vote for Hillary?

Please, I really want those who have already decided to vote for Hillary to explain the reason(s) why they would do so.

her record as a US Senator is not even average, let alone spectacular. She has already practically offered all things to all people, and you know she can't possibly deliver it all, nor does she intend to.

Some will say, she has to be better than what we have. To that I say, not only is it poor reasoning to think so, it has been proven untrue in the recent past. When Carter ran against Ford, while I didn't vote for Carter, I felt he could not do worse, I was wrong.

So are you voting for her because

She is a Democrat?

She is a woman?

She's married to Bill?

You hate America?

You are part of the "I want my entitlements" crowd?


Steve C

I am voting for her because we have to return to fiscal responsibility.

Please. I have not heard such a good onin a long time, let me catch my breath. The ancient world equivalent, I am returning to Sparta for the soft life. Democrats have NEVER been about fiscal responsibility. Bill Clinton may have been in a good place to appear to get the credit, but it was Reagan who bankrupted the Soviet Union and the conservative Congress during the Clinton administration that was responsible for the balanced budget. Yes, terrorist and one Dictator made it compulsory to spend more than normal on defense, and while I disagree with Bush on several things, I am still glad he is there and not Gore or worse, Kerry.

Henry VIII

Henry, I'm disappointed. While we will often disagree, you often have at least a semi intelligent reponse worthy of debate. This time you are basically saying any Democrat is better than any Republican.

Update 2:


I've never said that Hillary was unintelligent, I know she is a very smart lady, on that I think we are agreed. Your assertion that Hillary has only worked to make the world a better place I have to take exception to. Hillary has worked steadfastly to increasing her own political power to achieve her own pinnical of power for herself, not for another single human being.

To those of you who take exception with me saying you hate America if you vote for Hillary, I don't think all who would choose to vote for her hate America. However, if someone were to ask me, if you were to vote for any one person who would do more damage to the USA, who would it be?

My answer would be, unequivically, Hillary Clinton.

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    Wouldn't vote for her, period. What scares me is how many people will vote for her simply because she is a woman. (I was watching the news interview people on the streets and many were saying "I think it's time a woman were voted in") However, I think it's equally retarded to NOT vote for someone just because they are a woman. Gender (and race for that matter) should not have any influence on one's vote.

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    I've read two of her books. She's a very smart woman who has spent her life trying to make the world a better place.

    The fact that you disagree with her politics doesn't mean she's stupid or that people who agree with her hate America. I don't agree with all her politics, either. But if I wanted to vote for someone I ageed with 100% of the time, I'd have to vote for myself. And even then I'm conflicted.

    Are there people out there I think would make a better President? Yes there are. I think both Al Gore and Howard Dean would be better -- in that I agree with their politics more than I do Hillary's.

    But I think she has the experience, partly due to all her own efforts over the years and partly through having already lived in the White House for 8 years.

    I also think she is respected internationally.

    For what it's worth, I think all of the top runners from both parties would be far better than our current administration. They're all smart people, which matters to me. I don't agree with the politics of some of the folks (like Mike Huckabee), but at least these people are all smart enough to appreciate the complexity of the problems we're facing.

    For some reason, the Republicans are deeply afraid of Hillary. I don't fully understand why. She's a smart woman who has committed her life to making America a better place. Yes, she feels every child should have good health care. Would that be the end of the world?

    For what it's worth, I don't consider giving children good health care as an "entitlement" program. It's when you extend that program to people who are actually responsible for the poor situation they're in that it's an entitlement. But kids don't pick their parents.

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    I am voting for her because we have to return to fiscal responsibility. The Dems are the ones that came out with the pay as you go rules and will not pass any more legislation without it being paid for. Clinton balanced the budget and we are now in 9 trillion dollar debt. Hillary's universal healthcare will be expensive, but will be worth it, imo, as the money will help Americans as opposed to going to other countries....Also, the one thing I really love, is that she doesn't make asinine statements about people hating America just because they do not agree with her.

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    Actually I don't intend to vote for her in the primariy but since she seems to be the one who will win anyway I will say that because she is better than any Republican running in this race I would vote for her. The lesser of the evils.

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    Good luck trying to paint the Clintons as part of the liberal left.

    Any other Democrat candidate you might have a chance - but she is all business and she will leave you looking like fools if you try that stuff in the coming campaign.

    Two terms of Bush and his Republican congress/abuse of bi-partisan congress, have left me with no choice but to turn things over to the Democrats if I can.

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    Anyone who would vote for Hillary must like the idea of having a Cuban Revolution in America.

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    I have no reason to vote or not vote for her, and i CERTAINLY am not going to make that decision because of what the people say on here!!!

    Source(s): a real voter
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    I'm voting for Hillary because I want a nanny state. I'm to stupid to think for myself and believe everything she says. I want her to be my mommy.....

    Just kidding. No one in their right mind should vote for that witch. She's done absolutely nothing in her 7 years as Senator. Why has no one from New York shined the light on the lie she told to them in 06'. That she plans on serving her full term if reelected to the Senate. She flat out lied to the idiots of New York and they are still drinking her cool aid....

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    I'm not so worried. I think she will fail like Nixon, and Bill who also were being Impeached. She will just be another.

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    I would vote for hillary only to be president of the naacp, lol or to get out of this country

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