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What is your town/village most famous landmark?

Mine is Rivington Pike

Here are some pictures:-


so basically Alana you are saying that you don't have any famous landmarks becuase the Turks stole your mountain??? LOL

Update 2:

wow some great pictures guys!

Istanbulbogazi - your pictures are making me want to visit Istanbul even more!!

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    Hmmm. Anamur has a very old castle, Mamure Kalesi and ancient Anamurium ruins:

    The poet Adbülkadir Bulut was my father's friend, by the way.:(

    Then there is the Sumela Manastırı in Maçka:

    And Istanbul is beyond words, of course, but the landmark should be the Bosphorus:

    Edit: Good to know that we are a nation strong enough to place a mountain across borders. Strong like a Turk. That's what we are. :DDD

    Doesn't this mean that techically Mount Ağrı is a Ağrı city landmark now? Not some obscure stateling?

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    The City i recide in is World Wide Renown for its medical Nmae, with the MAYO Clinic being the heart of this city, and employing more than 50,000 people in the 100,000 population city and surrounding areas, Its a Big one.

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    Then the people willl still be able to feel like they have their family Dr.

    Mayo Clinic is Probably the most spoken about medical Center in the world!

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    1 decade ago popular for Hagia Sofia, Maiden Tower, Blue Mosque, different kinds of people, different cultures, different cuisines, different music......It's the connection between East and West! So, a beautiful city have so many attractions ;-)

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    My roots go back to the Village of Subatan near Kars Eastern Turkey. I am lucky to be here today because my grandmother was one of very few that escaped the Armenians when they gathered all the locals and murdered them.

    Have a look at this link.

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    The Kyreina Gate (Girne Kapısı) on the 16th Century Venetian Walls surrounding old Nicosia. The Gate's original name was 'Porta del Providatore'. It was named Kyrenia Gate because it faces north toward the town of Kyrenia (the other gates known as Famagusta (Mağusa) Gate and Paphos (Baf) Gate.

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    Hi, I thought I would send this one since it is almost Halloween : It is a gruesome true story, I recently heard that Nicholas Cage now owns the house but surprise surprise, he doesn't live there :

    Check out Marie Laveau's tomb too, people sacrifice chickens and preform rituals on her grave to gain power.

    but they go there in person, they don't do it on line like this site suggests.

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    I am living in London. First think I can imagine is BIG BEN

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    Source(s): Lyns: you are always welcomed dear. Maybe we will meet there :-)
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