Are dell laptops unstable?

I am looking forward to a dell vestro laptop.People say that dell is very unstable.Is this true ?

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    Very good question.

    Dell offers only two ways of ordering computers.

    One - by website

    Two - by phone

    You cant really rush to a store and ask them to give you a box packed fresh computer. I have worked for Dell as a troubleshooter for 2 years. I have good insight of their products. If you are spending $500 on a cheap laptop, why not add another $200 and stick with THE BEST one?

    Recently Dell made changes to their policies. Last year, they were giving ONLY 3 months initial warranty. Unless you pay them good money to buy an year or two years support.

    I feel a little bad saying this, but its true, reaching Dell support is a hell of a job and not only that, even if your computer is under warranty, I have seen havoc playing around.

    Even though I worked for Dell and worked for the goodwill of that company, I would not recommend anyone to buy a Dell computer.

    "Think" why is Dell selling a computer for $400 when the same type of computer is sold to $500 or more by other companies? How is Dell lowering the price so much?

    Dell has contracts (all other companies work the same way .. eg HP, Compaq, Acer, Lenovo, Sony) with product manufacturers. They buy those parts in bulk (Parts like hard drive, graphics cards, computer cases, batteries, etc) and then assemble them according to the needs of customers and then ship them to customers.

    Dell has really gone down on Quality standards. They buy parts from those companies who offer the cheapest parts however, those parts are no where near the word 'quality'.

    You buy a computer from Dell, it breaks up within a month or two, you will still have support. It breaks down in 4 months, you are on your own.

    So, even if you make your mind to buy a laptop from Dell, check with them whats the warranty? What kind of support can you get? If the warranty is Next Business Day is it REALLY going to be next business day or a week after?

    I recently bought a Sony Vaio Notebook and believe me, I'm a happy camper, although I paid a little extra. But I have peace of mind that this machine has good quality parts. I am saving myself a lot of trouble and money from losing data and buy new replacement parts, etc.

    I hope I was able to give you a clear picture and hopefully you will find the best for you.

    Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    no mine is 6 yrs old no problem

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