I tried doing a IDE DPS Self-Test, and it said Test failed. Any ideas???? All for my NTLDR which is missing?

My computer crashed and it says MTLDR is missing, press blah blah to restart. I've even tried putting in the restore disc that came with the computer to reboot everything which seems to delete everything accordingly, then asks me to insert the Windows XP that it came with. After I do this the messages still came up. I got in to a set up thing, not sure exactly what, but I ran a IDE DPS self-test, and it comes up as test failed. replace driver. Is there anything i can do to fix this on my own, or do i have to go waste $200 at geek squad at best buy??? lol If you're willing to help, Id be willing to have you contact me VIA cell phone and help me through this! let me know A.S.A.P. please!!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    have you tried doing a checkdisk? if not I'd try putting in the install disk for xp and pressing r for repair at the first screen. Then the black window comes up asking for which windows you'd like to log in blah blah when you get to a c: you type "chkdsk /r c:" with no quotes and let that run... normally that will fix your problem unless you've messed up the files somehow... Another thing you can do is hook your hard drive up in the computer you're on now where the cd rom goes and check and make sure it's there, not corrupt, and not compressed... I'm a PC tech, so lemme know if you need help man... **** geed squad it's more like rheem squad.

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    1 decade ago

    Hi there, this is a very common error that can occur with XP and it's very easy to fix. Here's what you do:

    1) Turn off your machine and then turn it back on... watch for the message on the screen that tells you what key to hit to enter the BIOS (System Setup). Hit the key and your system will enter the BIOS (blue screens).

    2) Using the arrows on your keyboard, navigate to something that resembles "Boot Sequence". In this list you should see your Optical drive (DVD, CD) as a bootable device. You want to set that one as the First device your system will boot to (look at the bottom of the screen for instructions on how to do that, such as pressing the Space bar to select it).

    3) Once you have changed the Boot Sequence to boot to your CD drive, exit out of that screen and save the changes (just look on the screen for options, they will be there).

    4) Restart your system with the XP CD in the drive. Your machine should now boot to that CD.

    5) The XP install routine will start, but that's okay, we aren't going to install XP, we are just going to get the NTLDR file that is missing.

    6) Watch the options on the screen, at the Welcome screen you will see an option to "repair Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R", go ahead and press R.

    7) You will be prompted to select the Windows installation you want to repair, just press the number 1 and enter.

    8) You will be prompted for an Administrators password, just press enter.

    9) You should now be on a black screen with a DOS prompt (something like this: C:\WinNT\system or something along that line).

    10) Type this... exactly as I have it here, but where I have typed an "x", you need to type in the drive letter of what your CD drive is (without quotes). So for example, if your CD drive is drive D: then type in a D where you see an x. I'll also show you were the spaces go, don't type those, just hit the space bar for those. Here we go, type this:


    Make sure you type in the : and the backslashes are the backwards ones and not the forward ones. At the end of the line, just like I showed, hit the enter key.

    11) You should see a message that says "One file copied", you may see a message first that says that this file exists, do you want to over-ride it, if you see that, just hit the Y for Yes (you may not see it though). Now all you have to do is restart your machine. To do that, type the word exit and the machine will restart.

    Everything should be okay. It looks like a lot of steps, but it's really not. Give it a try, you'll feel good that you fixed it yourself. If you have questions, type them here.

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