I need a web hosting solution fast!?

Hi, I am a web developer who needs help fast. I have a web site ready to go, but I seem to have problems deciding which web hosting solution is right for me. My site contains only dhtml, and javascript for now. I plan on doing much advanced things later on. Maybe some coldfusion and even php. Some web hosting companies I have in mind are: IXwebhosting, hostmonster, and godaddy. Can someone help me. Again some details may be needed to get a better solution. Please ask. Thanks!


Control Panel? Damn, I have seem the CPanel and I like it a lot. Other companies, however, offer something call Hsphere, and one call VDeck.. Can someone tell me which one is the best one. I am looking for something very user friendly, and realabile. Thanks

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    Godaddy, better support

  • Good idea to check around before choosing your host.

    Since you are a web developer you should choose a host that will allow you to expand. Multiple sites (with seperate emails), PHP 4 support, forums, databases, chat rooms etc...

    Id say since you already have dhtml then you should go with a linux based host as windows is more limited.

    I was in this position about a month ago and tried ALOT of hosts.

    I checked out ixwebhosting and their credentials were not the best:

    Said, Samir samir AT ecommerce DOT com

    Neuhoferstr. 1

    Freistadt, Upper Austria 4240

    Godaddy.com has great prices, but at the moment they are having a surge in new sign ups. With this popularity comes strain on their systems. No offence to current godaddy customers, their prices are hard to beat. I would choose a more reliable host.

    Host monster, now we are getting better. Great features, American company, and good tech support. Cons: they only offer one plan and they dont have cPanel.

    My choice: http://www.geocities.com/minicoup481/host.html

    They offer great space for upgrades and alot of features. You can start with a $10 off coupon (then $5/month thereafter). They have the standard in control panel (cPanel), offer many other features too. Check it out for your trial:


    I hope I made your choice clearer. Let me know.

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    Check also the plans of My Webbie Hosting. You can have a hosting plan for as low as $3.95/month which already includes a free domain name, 1.5 G disk space, 50 email accounts with antivirus and spam protection, 2 mailing lists, 150 G monthly data transfer, MySQL database, 24/7 phone and ticket support, and one-hour ticket response time.

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    I would definitely go with GoDaddy, for several reasons:

    1). They have the lowest prices for what they offer.

    2). They support PHP & MySQL

    3). They have GREAT tech support

    4). You get tons of storage and bandwidth

    5). 99.9% Uptime

    I'm a web developer myself, and I recommend all of my clients to sign up with GoDaddy.

    You will not regret going with GoDaddy.


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    Don't use Godaddy, if you do some research you'll find lots of horror stories about their hosting. They run php in safe mode (lots of restrictions etc). I would suggest having a look at http://www.radixhosting.com/ they offer all the features you need, and are inexpensive.

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    Well the ones which you have mentioned are definitely good, i personally would go for goddady but if you need to know more about all the hosting services i suggest you can try http://www.xekom.com they have a list of all the top hosting companies there you can choose which ever you like...good luck

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    Never had a problem with GoDaddy myself. Can't speak to the others.

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    Try http://www.cyberhosted.com

    Php, MySQL, Web stats, FTP, Email, cPanel 11 and more....

    Hosting space of 2GB and Bandwidth limit of 5GB for only $1.95 per month. Payment via Paypal.

    I am a client of http://www.cyberhosted.com for 8 months now and i think it is good enough. so try it !

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    I would go with GoDaddy since they have great technical support and they support php and such.

    Source(s): Been hosting with them for 2 years.
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    Compare webhosts at


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