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I found a cartoon of Bugs Bunny that there is plagiarism is of a cartoon of Tom and Jerry, or is the opposite?

Rhapsody Rabbit - Bugs Bunny -

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Tom & Jerry: The Cat Concerto -

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The two shorts are almost identicals, don't can be coincidence! Which cartoon will copy the other? The two uses as base the second track of a set of nineteen tracks, of Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, from the composer Franz Liszt, in a recital of piano. They are two 1946's animated shorts, and William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and Friz Freleng are accused of plagiarism...

In Portuguese: / Em português: Os dois curtas são quase idênticos, não pode ser coincidência! Qual desenho será que copiou o outro? Os dois usam como base a segunda faixa de um conjunto de dezenove faixas, do Hungarian Rhapsody N° 2, do compositor Franz Liszt, num recital de piano. São dois curtas-metragens de 1946, e William Hanna e Joseph Barbera e Friz Freleng se acusaram de plágio...

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    Both sides argued over who stole who's idea...I tend to agree with Joseph Barbera who said they came up with the idea first...a cat being pestered by a mouse makes a lot more sense than a rabbit being pestered by a mouse.

    Fortunately for Hanna-Barbera, when the academy viewed the films for Oscar selections, they viewed Cat Concerto first and then a few more shorts and then Rhapsody Rabbit...Bill and Joe walked away with the prize.

    Source(s): I own both cartoons on DVD, Freleng's was timed beautifully...but the animation on Bill and Joe's was absolutely gorgeous.
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    I watch them sometime yet I miss the Acme Hour with the Roadrunner & Coyote. I miss the older version of Scooby Doo & Tome & Jerry. I miss whats up Arnold, Dexter's Laboratory & the potential Puff ladies. Sigh... those have been the good days

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    Can't a company create a show with a piano without being questioned?

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    And both were rip-offs of Disney's Fantasia.

    Look, practically all the participants are dead, so let it slide

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