The adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

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Hey guys can you help me with these questions they are in the huckleberry finn book.PLEASE 1.How does Huck escape from the cabin in Illinois?What does his ability to escape suggest more
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1. (Answer) Huck finds a saw and saws the wood and crawls through.

2. (Answer) Huck and Jim are reunited when Aunt Sally thought Huck was Tom Sawyer. Aunt Sally had Jim in a hut chained to a bedpost.

5. (Answer) One way you can get freedom today by running away, like Huck did. I do believe Huck's way is still possible.
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  • Katie E answered 7 years ago
    I think you should read it yourself and do your own homework, they aren't that hard questions, most of them are simply to check to see if you read it, so if we answer them for you, that would defeat the purpose.
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  • lonasunde answered 7 years ago
    Here's an idea, get off Yahoo Answers and learn to read.
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