What belt level is Jackie Chan?

I'd like to know what belt color and degree that Jackie Chan is??

thank you for your answer.

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    Jackie Chan studied traditional Wushu at the Beijing Opera school in Hongkong when he was a child along with classmates Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung among others. They were taught acrobatic tricks that simulated fighting onstage which he later used with success on film and later on learned Hapkido and other Wushu styles while working as a stuntman. He doesn't have a belt in any style and he stated that he is a performer more than a martial artist. What rank he has in any style is merely honorary, awarded by martial arts schools in recognition of his great contribution to the promotion of the martial arts in general

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    He has a black belt in many arts. He has achieved probably the highest form of kung fu there is! How many masters would call Jackie a Master?

    I know lots would. So don't just focus on the belt color. Opera schools trains harder than most martial art schools. And isn't it true that many of Jackie's moves, only he can do?

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    4 years ago

    Jackie Chan is known more for his acting skills than his MA skills. He started out doing Peking Opera. Its known for its actors doing flips and that sort for putting on a show than for actual self defense. Those skills helped him start off as a stuntman in films. He still does most of his own stunts which is an accomplishment for a person his age. He did learn a couple forms of Kung Fu but its considered mediocre at best. Donnie Yen on the other hand is known for his MA skills than his acting skills. He even commented that he likes working with real martial artists.

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    i dont think jackie chan is a belt level. in asian countries they dont use belt colors. they have a symbol. plus when jackie was around 8 years old his father sold him to a school that kinda taught acrobatics and circus tricks along with martial arts which shows in alot of jackies movies. heres a link and you can read all about him. hope i was some help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_chan

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    belt level jackie chan

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    Jackie Chan studies Wushu and Kung Fu. They do not award Black Belts in the Chinese martial arts.

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    He is considered a grandmaster in Kung Fu and Wushu and Hapkido. He is also at least the equivalent of a black belt in Karate, Judo. and jujitsu the old style not Brazilian He has made Marshal arts fun and accessible to anyone. Bruce Lee though enough of his skills to put him in his movies.

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    Jackie's a Hapkido Master I've personally met him he where's a when he's fighting he wheres black belt in the 10'th degree but when he is in a martial arts ceromony he where's a black belt whith a red stripe

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    BIG BELT...Ha he is so kick butt....love this man...he is also very warm and kind and down to earth..I have lunched with him on a business level about 3 times...He rocks...probably way over 8th degree black belt...

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    I don't know the exact degree, but he definely has a black sash. Sash is the the black belt type for kung fu and gung fu types; Jackie Chan clearly is one.

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