How do I run a successful college club?

My friends and I started a college club a year or so ago, but our problem is recruiting members and keeping them interested. What is the best way to promote the club to get people interested enough in becoming (and staying members)?

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    The best way to get the word out about your group is by word of mouth. That doesn't mean you shouldn't post flyers, advertise in the campus events calendar and the student newspaper, etc.--do that, too. But if you ask new people who show up at meetings and events, most of them will probably say they came because someone they know told them about it. So get the people involved to talk it up! If your group has any connection to an academic department, ask the faculty to announce it to their classes. Generate a buzz.

    Once you get them there, you need to turn passive bystanders into active members. Not everybody is going to have the same level of interest or the time to invest, and that's okay--but try to find out how much they do have to offer, and give them something to do with it. The more people who take an active role, the more you'll have talking about your group to their friends. This may also mean delegating tasks to people who are less experienced than you are, or who may do them a different way--a way that you maybe think isn't as effective. Sometimes, that's okay, too. Sometimes, "good enough" really is good enough--especially when it gives someone a chance to learn, and strengthens their connection to the organization. And if people see the same few people running the show and controlling everything, they're going to get bored and leave--and when those people graduate or move on, where does that leave the group with no new leaders in the pipeline?

    People join clubs for all kinds of reasons. They probably have an interest in the purpose or mission of your group. They may also be looking for something to put on a grad school application or a resume. They may just want to make some new friends and have a good time. Nothing wrong with any of that! Think about all the reasons people have for joining, and try to offer a little something to meet all those needs. A survey or a discussion about what people want out of this organization might be a good place to start.

    Your campus probably has a student activities office with advisors who can help you with stuff like this. Shameless plug--I have a website with some links to materials that you might find useful. I've worked as a student activities advisor, and some of these are things I developed or borrowed to use with my students.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I've worked as a student activities advisor
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