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<3 asked in Education & ReferenceHome Schooling · 1 decade ago

How to convince my mom to let me get homeschooled?

I'm fifteen and a sophmore and in HS and have decent grades.. I just can't stand going to private schools anymore and she won't let me go to public.. I do go out with friends alot so I'm not worried about socialization.. What can I do to convince her this would be better for me?


Thanks.. My friends wouldnt do it.. Does someone have to actually teach you or can you teach yourself in homeschooling and just get a tutor once a week to check up on you or something? What should I say to my mom to make it seem as though I'm not going to slack off or anything?

Update 2:

Thanks sooo much! I'm deffinatly going to start looking into different programs and hopefully by Christmas I'll be able to convince her that I can do it.. She works full time and I don't have a dad so the assignments in the morning might be good.. As for my friends.. They wouldn't want to be homeschooled but they wouldn't care if I was.. Private school kids especially at the all girls school I go to are horrible and my mom just doesn't understand.

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    Great idea!

    First, do your homework. ;-)

    You should approach your Mom with a well thought out case for not only why you want to do it, but several options for how to do it.

    Check out the local laws via the HSLDA site (I'm assuming you are in the USA) so that you know exactly how to obey the laws.

    And as an additional resource for planning your escape from school I recommend the Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get Real Life and Education.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Teenage Liberation Handbook: Home School Legal Defense Association
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    I went to a private school too up until 8th grade. I agree with the first answer--just because it's a private school doesn't mean stuff that happens at public school doesn't happen there. In fact, I think the kids in private school are worse than kids in public school. They're snobby, stuck up, and gossip worse than anyone I've ever seen.

    I'm homeschooled now, by the way. I absolutely love it.

    You say that go out with friends so you won't worry about socialization, but you should probably know that if you start homeschooling your friends might not want to be around you anymore (unless they're really good close friends). I mean, the only thing teenagers really have in common is school and if you don't go to the same school (or kind of school) you kind of get disconnected.

    The good news is that if you become homeschooled you can make TONS of new friends--not just friends that are in your class. And, you'll have so much free time that you'll be able to spend as much time as you want with your friends. You don't have to worry about all the crap that goes on in regular schools if you're homeschooled. Chances are the new friends you'll make won't care what brand your clothes are, what kind of music you listen to, or what guy you think is hot. They'll like you for you who are.

    If you want to convince your mom to homeschool you, you'll need to come up with a good list of reasons why. Not just "I can't stand regular school anymore.." Sit down and think hard about why you want to be homeschooled and make a list.

    Then, I would suggest researching different options. Whether you want to have your mom teach you, or if you want to hire a tutor, or if you want to do online schooling. If you show your mom that you've researched this it will show her that you're serious.

    Lastly, I would show her all the benefits of homeschooling. You'll be able to improve your grades because you'll have one on one interaction with the teacher. You'll be able to learn at your own pace and you'll be able to find a curriculum that fits you best.

    It really doesn't take that much work to homeschool. I know kids whose parents both work and they are still homeschooled. If your mom works, she can set up your assignments in the morning before she leaves and you can work on them throughout the day. If there's something that you need to be taught, she can teach you when she gets home. Or, you can even get dvds that have a teacher who teaches you as you follow along in your book so that's an option too.

    Anyway, I hope that helped. Good luck..I hope she lets you :-)

    Source(s): Homeschooling junior
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    I went to private school, but now i'm homeschooled. Tell her that even tho it's called a "private" school, that the same junk that happens at public school happens there. Tell her u don't feel like putting up with it anymore, and that u would really like to be homeschooled!! Also, you could even tell her that most homeschoolers are smarter than an average student in regular school, and it's the truth. Not bragging, notice i said most, yea, i would fall in the category of the people who are just average with everybody else homeschool or no homeschool. Maybe you could even talk some of your friends into homeschooling too, that's what i did.

    Source(s): LOVE HELGA and personal experience!
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    I am in the same exact situation as you, I am also 15...sophomore..go to a crappy school in the small town of ponchatoula, louisiana. But I got to a public school and let me tell you one thing, the public school system is a complete has to be. They control when you wake up...when to do your work, how fast or slow to do your work, when to eat, when to use the restroom, what to wear to school, and this past year it has even came down to what drinks you can bring to gatorade, soft drinks, or any "popular" drink. The system isn't even about education anymore, it is more about who is in control, and who can make a name for themselves. For example, I got suspended for 3 days last month because my i.d was on the LEFT side of my collar and not my right. Three days of school work I missed and couldn't make up because of a stupid i.d. It is just ridiculus. But down to your problem, yeah I know how you feel. I would do anything to homeschool. My mom just doesn't understand that the junk I am learning in school isn't helping me as much as it could or should. I think you should just sit her down and explain to her that you want a better education and you feel you can make a better future for yourself if you were homeschooled. I am working on my mom now...I even convinced 3 of my friends to homeschool with me. We are going to form a little group of 4-5 people at my house and do our school work. Thats if my mom even lets me.

    I know this is probably not the answer you were looking for, but I want you to know that you are not alone in this kind of situation. I hope your mom ends up letting you homeschool.

    good luck and God Bless.

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