Les Miserables (the musical) questions?

1. Les Miserables is still on Broadway, right? So WHY is everyone saying that their high school did it as a production? How did they get the legal rights to do so?

2. Can you give me a complete list of characters in Les Mis? Not just the main ones, like Javert and Cosette and Marius, but (if there are any) side characters, as well?

3. What's your favorite song/character from Les Mis?


Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry, but they're all wrong.

    1. The rights are available for the school version of Les Mis which is what your local school are most likely performing, but the full version is currently restricted most likely due to the roadway run. Go here: http://www.mtishows.com/default_HOME.asp and click on Les Miz on the drop down menu on the right. You can also check out the school edition listed right under it. This is where a school or theatre gets the rights to produce the show.

    2. Jean Valjean (Tenor or High Baritone, Low A to high A)

    released on parole after 19 years on the chain gang - a man with a kind heart & sense of duty

    Bishop of Digne (Baritone) - Saintly

    Fantine (Mezzo with belt, Gb3 to Eb5) - unwed mother of Cosette

    Javert (Baritone, Low F to high F#) - Policeman tracking Jean Valjean

    Young Cosette (Child Mezzo, low A to C ) - orphan left in Valjean's care

    Adult Cosette (Soprano, low Bb to high C)

    Thenardier (Tenor, low C to G#) - owner of a tavern, Eponine's father

    Madame Thenardier (Mezzo, G#3 to D5)

    Eponine Thenardier (Alto/Mezzo Belt, F#3 to E5) - loves Marius

    Marius (Tenor, Low A to high Ab) - loves Cosette

    Gavroche (low B to G) - Street urchin

    Enjolras (Tenor, A to high G) - leader of the students

    Chorus is made up of the People of Paris, including Street Urchins, Students, and Prostitutes

    3. On My Own / Eponine

    Hope this helped you,


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    1. The original production of Les Mis closed a few years ago. The current production is a revival that opened about 1 1/2 years ago. Music Theatre International controls the rights to amateur leasing of the show. There is the version that everyone knows which is available but is currently restricted, and there is also a school edition available. You can find out more by going to www.mtishows.com

    2. The complete list of characters is available on the Les Miserables page of MTI.

    3. As for my favorite song...I'm partial to "Javert's Suicide" and "Stars."

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    I love Les Mis! I've read the book 3 times and had to buy a dvd of the 10th anniversary production because I wore out my video!

    1. I assume schools have to pay a copyright fee in order to perform Les Mis, or anything else that is still under copyright. That's one way the writers make money. Which they are entitled to do, of course.

    2. http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/lesmis/characters.ht... Though there are minor characters missing off the list. I don't suppose the Monseignor's companions are important enough to mention, though I liked them. Of course, this question depends on whether you are talking about the book, musical or one of the movie versions.

    3. Infidel! Who are you to suggest we have only one favourite song or character! What a dreadful thought. I have least favourites. Eponine's songs suck because they make her out to be a wussy little girl, which she wasn't. They also make Cosette out to be wimpier than she was too. Grr. I have a real bee in my bonnet over that. The Thenardiers aren't portrayed correctly either, but at least they are funny, so it's forgivable.

    Ah, you appreciate the musical much more if you've read the book. It took me 3 months to read it the first time, but it was worth it! In the musical they can't really build relationships properly. You don't realise Gavroche is Eponine's brother, so the Thenardiers are his parents. You don't realise the relationship between the Thenardiers and Marius.

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    1. Les Mis is on broadway right now, but the concert version is available to the public.

    2. jean valjean





    monsieur thenardier

    madame thenardier





    3. my favorite character is eponine and i love her song "on my own" =]

    i actually just love the whole show because it's so amazing, but eponine is my absolute favorite

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    examine out "Heaven help My heart" or "i be conscious of Him So properly" from the musical Chess. they'll teach off your mezzo-soprano voice and each songs have dramatic intensity which inserts good for a Les Miserables audition simply by fact those songs do no longer seem in basic terms sung in the demonstrate in spite of the undeniable fact that provided as their words. you desire to be geared up to demonstrate you will act interior your track as much as you will sing.

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    I can only answer question #3. My favorite songs are all sung by Eponine, On My Own and the very sentimental, A Little Fall Of Rain...... And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close, I'll sleep in your embrace at last..........

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