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who made the earliest discovery about atoms? what are quarks?which of the following involves splitting atoms?

Niels Bohr , Murray Gell-Mann, Albert Einstein,Joseph John Thomson ; fact , fiction, both, neither ; hitting a baseball, measuring in millimeters, nuclear energy, splitting firewood.

(lets see if u can answer that smart people!!!!)

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    Who made the earliest discovery about atoms?

    Niels Bohr

    What are quarks?

    I would guess its a fact even though Murray Gell-Mann concluded they must be fiction. Depends on what your teacher told you, or what the textbook said.

    Which of the following involves splitting atoms?

    Nuclear energy for sure (think of nuclear weapons)

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    Actually according to and article Joseph John Thomson

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    i in simple terms attempted it and that i became in a position to chop up atoms definitely with a knife, you are able to desire to no longer be quickly adequate. additionally i grabbed some air, and that i counted 21 oxygen molecules and seventy 8 nitrogen molecules in that pattern. I counted many sub atomic debris yet my eye sight isn't so sturdy anymore so there would desire to have been others that have been given away. if i did no longer have evidence of atoms, i does no longer have faith in them. it rather is the string theory (you comprehend orchestra) that I even have difficulty with. I won't hear of it, yet then i'm deaf

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