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exchange student to Japan?

Im going to be an exchange student going to Japan for about a year. I have a lot of questions so please bare with me..

I was wondering how is it like in the school when your an exchange student? How do the students treat you? and since im a girl...Do the girls join a sports club? considering that i like to play softball. Are there any other sports that girls play other than volleyball?

What other clubs do they offer to girls?

how is it like at home, with your host family?

What kind of japanese food do they usually eat?

What are some things that Ishould and shouldnt do? ( i already know taking off the shoes when entering, chopticks w/rice) any other different ones?

When talking to a japanese person do you use "Anata" or do you use the 3rd person, using their name??

If you have any experiences in being an exchange student in Japan or you live in Japan. Please give me advice or information that i need. It'll help a lot! Thanks^^

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just be natural and be yourself. Trust me, Japanese students want to speak English with you. They will come to you. And, you'll learn from them -- how and what to say, etc. Best wishes! :D

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