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What do creationists mean when they say "We didn't evolve from monkeys"?

I mean, it's pretty obvious from looking at the fossil record (or reading a textbook on biology) that humans didn't evolve from monkeys.

Are creationists using "monkeys" as a blanket term for all non-human primates, or do they think that evolution claims that we evolved from the same monkeys we see swinging from tree branches today?

I'd prefer answers from creationists so that I can know what you actually believe.

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    using "monkeys" as a blanket term for all non-human primates - you got it!

    We mean we were HUMAN from the begining - decended from no other type of life form other than human.

    Sure micro evolution is valid, macro evilootion is where

    the problem is.

    We had a relationship with God from the begining - we did

    not "evolve" into it - then we rebelled against God and

    some are seeking God, some found God again.

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    The inference is... Christians aren't educated or informed?

    And if we hold a different view it is dismissed?

    You just keep going, generalizing - first words accountable to Christians, then, wanting a blanket statement from something we don't promote.. tell me where the issues are?

    Christians believe God created life in much the wholeness of form that it is ( a peach tree is not a plum tree, a horse is not a wolf) but that there have been some micro adaptations (micro-evolution if you will), under his eye that have happened (such as adapted beaks of birds).

    We didn't evolve from monkeys, apes, slime, etc. Man was created distinctly from other life and is created with abilities and reason no other life has.

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    I think the problem lies in that many creationists erroneously feel that evolution is at odds with creationism. The idea that God is a magician that "poof" things happen isn't necessarily the right image. I believe God is methodical and deliberate and that it is just as impressive if creation took 10 billion years as it is impressive if it took 6 days.

    In all fairness, I've heard proponents of evolution erroneously claim that we evolved from monkeys. I prefer not to judge be the inaccuracies of a few fringe elements.

    The analogy I like to use is a Ford Model T was intelligently designed, a capable machine that effectively does what it was designed to do. Likewise a 2007 Ford Mustang has the same properties. It's about natural progression. Even the Bible has a natural progression on the Creation. If you accept shortterm creationism (which isn't the entire creationist scope) - you'd have to ask "why didn't God just create it all in one moment - why wait 6 days?"

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    I would not agree that creationists are stupid. It is just that if you want to believe in something strongly enough, the will tends to override reason. There are more than 2 billion Christians worldwide and only a small % believe in the literal truth of Genesis.

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    Creationists believe that God made man and woman exactly the way it is described in the Bible: He made man out of the earth and made woman out of man's rib. No monkeys were involved in making man or woman! I'm not a creationist, but this is my understanding of what they believe.

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    well im not really a creationist. but no thats not what evolution is, we didnt necicerilly come from monkeys just the same basic bloodline,

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    If in the end all Evolution tells us is that we are closely related to primates does that really mean anything? All animals on this earth are closely related to some other animal.

  • Its ignorance on display, a common theme for religious argument.

    Making fun of something you don't really have an understanding of, opens you up to ridicule.

    The problem with religion is that it tends to stifle education and learning so that the believer can maintain belief.

    "I didn't come from no monkey" is another way of saying, I am too lazy and scared to learn about why evolution might be a reality.

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    It comes from the Scopes Monkey Trial. From that point on, it's been all about the monkey.

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    It is a blanket term used to be insulting.

    Just as an atheist would call god a "sky-daddy".

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