I want to start my own daycare but can't think of a name!?

Any idea would be great. I seem to be stuck in a rut.



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    As long as your not in PA (because I looked up names around here)

    Daycare in the Park

    Little People Child Care/Daycare

    Magic Years

    First Step Day Care

    Early Bloomers

    The Growing Connection

    Head Start

    Children's Place

    Alphabet Inc

    Building Blocks

    Tot Time

    Small Beginnings Daycare

    Hot Tots Daycare

    Precious People

    Kurious Kids


    or Stephanie's Place

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    1 decade ago

    Good question! A lot of people are starting their own daycares these days. For example, my mom started one in our own house just last year! What you want to do is think of your clients-to-be: parents. If you were a parent, what qualities would you want in a child care? Consider this when you are thinking of a name. Names are very important. When you advertise for your day care, the first thing they will see will be the name. Parents might be in a rush, so most often they will just skip over the ones they don’t like! Your job as a business person is to think of a name that will make them stop and read over your ad. Some tips for naming your daycare:

    -Include the name of your location (if it’s a nice name). That is a good strategy because then they will already know a little bit about your child care.

    -Use words to give your daycare a homey feel, like “family” and “caring”.

    -Use words that emphasize learning, like “first step”, “growing”, and “blooming”.

    -Think positive and happy! These are kids we are talking about!

    -Be creative, but don’t go too far out. Really wild names might turn off potential customers.

    -Research other daycares and look at how others named theirs. And most importantly, think about who you are and what you want your child care to be like. Sometimes, when you do this, a name just magically comes to you.

    Best of luck with your daycare!

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    The Sunshine Playhouse. The name of our centre is A Child's Secret Garden Daycare Inc.

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    Little Friends

    Tiny Tots

    Little Hands

    Turtle Tracks

    Precious Garden

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    1 decade ago


    Tot Time


    Now That's What I Call Fun! or Now That's What I Call Daycare!

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    I like the name Happy Days

  • KidZone


    Kid Power

    Child Smile


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    A name is the LEAST of your troubles, you have to go through about 300 regulations in most states, you have to be certified, with certified instructors, you have to follow Child Protective Services and Department of Child welfare and regulatory services, you have to make certain that every child is up to date on vaccines, you have to have complete parent profiles, emergency numbers, tuition, I could go on and on, it is a regulation nightmare.....I would rather start and animal "rescue" at least that way you can get away with murder and no one does a thing to regulate it......

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    Scribbles n Giggles

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