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I want to change my name legally and move away and start a new life for myself. Is this possible/pragmatic????

I want a new start in life, and I want to severe my ties with my old world and that includes the people that make up this world. I want to change my name and move faraway from where i grew up. I am in college right now and plan on going to law school and then possibly a politician. I want to move away to some random US state with a new name and no old ties and run for office under this identity. I will keep in touch with my family and one close friend through letters and telecommunication on occasion (like say once a month to let them know how I'm doing and if they are okay too), but I wouldn't tell them where I am or what I'm doing. Can I pull this off. Like say for instance that my name is Brian Carter and I'm from New York and I legally change my name to David Andrews and move to some random city or town. Can i do? Is it worth it? I'm just so sick of where I'm going in life and being watched, and simaltaneously being held back. I would do this in about 2-3 years.

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    I don't think that it would be wise to do this if you are planning on running for office.

    With the public being interested in you, they are going to want to know your life before politics..and that would most definatley come up. It doesn't seem very trustworthy to have someone in office who ran away and changed their name.

    Plus, the public wants you to have some sort of support system, a public family...are you just going to fabricate them as well??

    I don't think that it would work.

    Maybe if you weren't going into politics, but even then, probably not if you are going to keep in touch with past people.

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    Look yes it is probably possible but, it is just running away from something you need to grow up and deal with. If whom you are is so bad, or your family dealt with a severe situation that haunts your existence you need to deal with it, keep your integrity, and character and get on with the law school to better yourself inspite of the dreaded past. If you run and hide, no matter where you go, you will be whom you are forever. And as a Politician, you will be found out eventually. Basically, everyone gets caught sometime, somewhere, for some reason. That can be your own conscience by the way. Own up and grow up despite the home town/family situation. Be better, for yourself, not out of spite.

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    Yes you can legally change your name in the US as long as you are at least 18 years of age.

    I legally changed my name last December for my own personal reasons. It wasn't difficult at all. I went to the local courthouse, paid a fee and filled out a 1 page form. A background check was run on me just to ensure that I wasn't changing my name to avoid any type of legal action, etc.

    It was all taken care of in one day and it was the best darn thing I ever did for myself.

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    You can change your name legally, but your past will find a way to catch up with you. Your name change will be in public records, so if anyone is looking to dig up dirt it will be easy to do. If you are serious, why don't you change your behavior, become the person you want to be and when confronted with your past, own up to it. Be honest and the highlight what your accomplishments are!

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    Unless you are in a witness protection program, you can't legally change your name without it being on public record. If it's part of the public record, then people can track you down.

    On the other hand, if moving away is what you want to do, then go for it. Follow your desire.

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    name changes won't change who u are, u can achieve things with the name u have now. u can move away and be successful. if u don't like where life is taking u make some changes.

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    well just think about it i guess if you changed your name and moved to some little town and had no one who cared about you it would probably work. but since you have a family and friends it would be hard but you could probably pull it off if you were going to be focused on staying out of the limelight where ever you were

    but if your going to be a politician

    i have no idea how you would do that.

  • i dont know what you think is so wrong about your life, but if you feel that strong about doing this and if your willing to give up living close to your family and friends, then i say go for it. but before you do anything drastic, you should talk to your family and tell them why you feel the way you do. i hope i helped you with your situation.

    *good luck*

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    You can change your name that will cost you about $250. As far as a "new" person NO. Your social security number will stay the same. Hope this helps.

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    your in college, you're an adult now whos holdin you back? your parents? nobody can hold you back if you're old enough, you can pull it off if you have money son

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