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Public Transport?

Now be honest

Even if it was cheaper to use public transport would you ever give up your car to sit on stinking crowded buses that are either A never on time or B so overcrowded you cant get on anyway?


Kamran you said you dont drive so you've got no choice other than to use public transport

Update 2:

Well i know i wouldnt give up my car!

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    If the demand was greater then there would be no improvement in public transport, you dont reward a captive audience.

    How many times have I seen a line of 100 cars held up at a rail crossing waiting for a train to cross carrying 4 or 5 passengers.

    It is about time the trains were forced to use traffic lights like the rest of us.

    Bus lanes, loads of busses flying freely around town with little or no passengers on them, where are the eco people when that is happening?

    The metro, well you are a very brave person if you venture out onto the metro after dark, no, my old banger will do for me and if it means that we here in the UK will get warmer summers and have to eat outdoors, not take our holidays in spain and some of the third world countries will dissapear under desert, then bring it on!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I choose to use public transport.

    All in all it's much cheaper than paying all the costs which are involved in the running of a car; petrol, parking, insurance, road tax and maintenance.

    Often when buses are late it's because of traffic. I think that too many people drive with just one person in their car. The number of cars on the road would be so much less if people just car shared.

    Public transport does need a lot of improvement. If the demand was greater perhaps things would improve at a faster pace.

  • Janet
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    4 years ago

    I don't think many do. The main reason most celebrities don't take public transport for the hassle of fans. Some actually believe they are too good to catch public transport and wouldn't be caught seen on a bus because "It's cheap". Some celebrities just like to take advantage of the fact they have alternative transport that doesn't involve traffic or the risk of germs and bacteria flying around on public transport. As for the big stars they don't take public transport simply because their life may be in danger, haters and insane fans like Mark David Chapman who shot John Lennon and the like could possibly make an attack on a celebrity. You might think it would be smart for celebrities (who don't have their life in danger) to take public transport to save time instead of getting caught in traffic but the fact it a lot of them make entrance on a helicopter for it is private out of the way and time efficient. You may find that some of the less popular celebrities take public transport or they might in very quiet towns but otherwise unless they are trying to be "eco friendly" they will have their own private transport or on planes they will be in first class or a private cabin. Taxis are one exception to some lower class celebrities since they don't have time or as much money to waste on limousines. I hope this helped, Chloe =]

  • dances
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    1 decade ago

    Ive got a car but i still use public transport occasionally

    like when i go to the city 25 miles away from me, i get the express coach because its cheaper than driving there and paying for parking

    Luckily Ive got the choice, but i remember the days bc (before car) when i had to suffer public transport every day and it was sometimes very stressful and sometimes very smelly

    like when the dirty looking guy gets on the bus and you just know he is going to sit next to you yuk!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I drive everywhere, I hate public transport.

    Unfortunately I live in London where thanks to Mayor Ken the Congestion charge zone sometimes means I have to train and tube if my work takes me into central London for any reason! It did this week and as ALWAYS I was reminded why I am a driver.

    It is expensive, vile and the commuters are rude, the tube is like being a sardine in a can!

  • claire
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    1 decade ago

    No I'm afraid i would not ever give up using my car to use a bus/train. I like to be able to get in car with my children, seat belts on and drive straight to where I'm going, not have to stop every 10 mins to let people on and off.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would never give up my car. The days of sitting next to someone smelly on the bus are over for me and have been for some time! There is nothing like a bit of piece and quiet in your own car of a morning!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like the fact that my car gives me the choice to go where I want when I want.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, I wouldn't. This whole b*****ks about global warming's a myth, and with the cost of public transport at the minute, my car works out cheaper every which way.

  • Ysanne
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    1 decade ago

    No never. I never use public transport and don't intend to either.

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