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How much should I sell my computer for? and where should I sell it?

Computer Details:

Dell Dimension 5150 (1 year old)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Media Center Edition, w/TV tuner & remote

Version 2002

Service Pack 2

Intell (R) Pentium (R) D Processor

CPU 3.20GHz

Processor Speed 3.12GHz

1024 GB RAM

1 GB


wireless mouse

flatpanel 17" monitor

2 desktop speakers w/subwoofer

sigmatel high definition audio

Radeon x600 video card 256 MB hypermemory

Conexant D850 56k V9x DFVc Modem

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Wow ! That is one great computer, twice as good as mine.

    But selling a computer is, without a doubt, the HARDEST thing in the world to sell. Nobody knows why.

    Maybe the prospective buyer thinks that the owner has found some little hidden glitch,buried away in the processor and wants to UNLOAD it.

    One dealer told me the reason is that most owners who want to upgrade or just quit computing find a family member who desperately needs a machine.

    In any case, you could advertise (it will cost you $25 to do this) in the newspaper and put OBO which means or best offer.Then, someone will call offering you $500 and you can say, " That's nice but someone has offered me more than that and I'm just trying to get the best price I can. Be real nice to the guy. Tell him if he was to buy your equipment retail it would be at least $1500 and that in one year it should really be worth half price.

    An car would get a better percentage than that after one year's use !

    Or you could ask a dealer if he ever gets folks looking for used machines. Offer him 20% commission and let him phone you. The nice thing about this is you can always say NO to the offer.

    Want to know the truth? Your equipment is gorgeous but sadly people will try to LOWBALL you.

    Final suggestion: go to your local computer club. These are really nice old retired guys and one of them is bound to be crippling along on a Win95 and would love to buy yours. You might even suggest the price you want and take monthly payments. These retirees are great at paying $500 down and $100 a month until completed.

    Much good luck with your top-of-the-line computer. Ron

  • 1 decade ago

    Geez...why are you selling this? 3.2Ghz is faster than the one I have now. Run an ad in your local paper, I'd be willing to pay (and I'm not making an offer here) around $650.

  • 5 years ago

    I even have had very good help and after-revenues from pc international yet in uncomplicated terms final weekend I had surprising after-revenues at Comet. defective CD stress, I had placed it lower back to previous fix element yet they mentioned I had to Wipe the pc to production unit settings to earnings it became no longer a application problem and became additionally instructed the archives i could lose became no longer their problem as i could no longer lower back it up onto CD!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Post it on for about 5-650

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