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Dirk vs. JO?

What is the fantasy difference between Dirk and Jermaine O'neal. On paper I see that Dirk has more points and maybe an assist more, but J.O. has more boards and blocks. Do you think theres going to be a real big difference between the two this year.


What about Dirk for JO and deron williams. I think that's definitely something you have to do.

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    Well both, of course, are very talented players. But Dirk is a lot better.

    JO has had problems with injuries... doesn't shoot any 3s... his FG dropped to 43% last year... FT% is usually around mid 70's, which isnt bad necessarily but not great either. Assists and steals arent really a factor for him either. And he averaged less than 20 points last year. Blocks are good tho.

    Dirk, however, put up 5 or so more points than JO last year, only missed 4 games in total, shot 50% FG, gets his share of 3pointers... 90% FT... pretty much the same number of rebounds... and more assists. The only thing JO has on Dirk is blocks.

    Especially fantasy wise...

    Dirk = top 10 atleast... probably top 5.

    JO = third or fourth round pick (or second, if its a 20 team league or something).

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    On paper like you said there is not a lot of differences. Basically Dirk has a better supporting cast. They will get him the ball more, he'll have more 3's and is not as injury prone as JO. With outside shooters like Jason Terry and Stackhouse coming off the bench and Josh Howard getting better, Dirk is going to have some easy baskets and most likely more assists this season. I really like JO but if you have an early pick, I'de go with Dirk. Better JO is a great backup.

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