russia's continent?

what continent is russia part of?

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    Russia, as it is such a large country, is part of both Europe and Asia. European Russia and Asian Russia is divided at the Ural Mountains which are east of Moscow. Although European Russia is where Russian culture started and is also the most populous part of Russia, Asian Russia is by far larger.

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    In a purely geographic sense it is actually on the supercontinent of Eurasia (Europe and Asia together). In the modern split of continents it is in both Europe (known as European Russia - and includes the majority of the population and the cities) and Asia (known as Asiatic Russia or simply Siberia).

    In geopolitics it is generally regarded as in Europe, becuase its political system and history is much more closely linked to Europe than Asia.

    Other countries which cross the traditional continental divide include Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia and Panama.

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    Russia is a part of both, Europe and Asia.

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    Russia really isn't in one particular continent its in two Europe and Asia. ((or Eurasia)) Yet majority of it lies in Asia. ((actually two-thirds))

    Hope this helps

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