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Translation the following paragrahs about " Choosing a Career " from E to C:

1.An excellent source of information is other people. If you have an idea of what career you would like to begin, try to speak with someone who is already doing it. For example, if you would like to be an airline pilot, it is a good idea to meet an airline pilot and ask him or her about this job. Perhaps you could also ask your parents, teachers and older friends for advice. People are always happy to give you suggestions.

2.What school subjects do you enjoy most? What subject are you good at? If you are good at drawing, then perhaps you could be an artist or an architect. If you are good at making things with your hands, you might want to be a mechanic or a carpenter. If you like mathematics, you should think about accounting or engineering.

3.Once you start to have a few ideas about your career, you should discuss them with your friends. Like you, your friends will also be thinking about their career and be interested in talking about various career options. It is also necessary to have your future clearly in mind when you choose a career. Where would you like to be living and what would you like to be doing when you are twenty-five or when you are forty years old?

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    翻譯下列有關於"選擇職業"的短文從 E 到 C

    1. 最佳的資訊來源就是從別人. 如果你已經知道自己想從事什麼職業, 試著和有做過這個職業的人談談. 例如說: 如果你想成為一個飛**師, 去和一位機師見面並且談談他(她)的工作,將是一個不錯的主意. 也許你也可以詢問你的父母,師長 和年長的朋友的意見. 人們通常都很樂於分享他們的意見.

    2. 什麼的課目在學校你最喜歡? 什麼是課目是你的強項? 如果你擅長於繪畫, 那麼你或許可以成為一個藝術家或是建築師.

    如果你擅長於製作手工藝品, 你或許可以成為技工或木匠. 如果你喜歡數學, 你朝會計或工程界發展.

    3. 一但你開始對你職業有了幾個初步的想法, 你應該和你的朋友們討論. 和你一樣, 你的朋友們也將思考關於他們的職業, 並且有興趣討論各種不同的職業選擇. 當你在選擇職業的時候,清楚地思考你的未來人生規畫也是必要的. 你想要住在哪裡, 當你25歲或40歲的時候,你想要做什麼工作.

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