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horses...dressage, leg yields, pirouette?

how do you get a horse to perform a leg yield, what signals do you use and how do you keep the movement flowing? Also the same questions for pirouette. I've just started dressage and I'm having a little trouble, I've been riding for more than 6 years but only basic dressage.

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    Hi, the canter pirouette is a very advanced movement and can actually cause injury to the horse if he is not advanced enough to attempt it.

    The leg yield is a more simple movement and this website gives details of how to perfom it & common faults:


    This website also gives info on lateral movements in general


    Walk pirouette is also known as turn on the haunches and is less advanced especially if you only ask for a few steps or a quarter turn to begin with:


    However all these exercises are best done with the aid of an instructor who will help correct any problems and instruct you so that you can match what you are feeling with what the horse is actually doing.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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