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Hey college grads!?

What is your degree in? What are you doing with your degree? Do you love your job? Does it pay well? I am between majors, and just looking for some more options! Thanks!

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    After five years, the majority of people are NOT working in the field in which their degree was attained. If your field doesn't require specific credentials (i.e. doctor, lawyer, K-12 teacher, nurse), many bachelor's degrees are flexible as you change fields.

    My degrees? BS Biology, BA German. Use them now? Not a chance. Use skills from them, both scientific and social? You bet. What do I do? Academic advising! I used a master's program to tailor towards my landing place, as an administrator within higher education. Do I enjoy it? Yes. Does it pay well? As well as the field expects. I'm not struggling by any means and can live comfortably. That's all I'm asking for, not some mansion or fancy sports car or luxury vacations. That's just not me.

    So enjoy what you study and keep exploring your options as you go. I knew I wasn't pursuing biological areas the end of my junior year, but having invested 3 years in a program and having enjoyed the courses I finished it to give credence to my time spent pursuing it (that and I was only 4 more classes away). I add the language major as I enjoyed it, it gave me a completely different skill set, and I just wasn't ready to graduate and enter "the real world." I took out a small loan, but I never regretted that "extra" year that was invaluable to me.

    Good luck deciding which is the best path for you!

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    I majored in Music Industry. I worked in the industry full time for a few years which I thoroughly enjoyed. Found out that I did not want to do it full time anymore. I still love it so I do it part time for some clients of mine. I love being able to call my own shots. I agree with the person before, feel free to explore. Stay out of debt and save lots of money, and you wil be able to proceed to pursue whatever you want in life when you want.

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