what are the three categories of steam?

there are 3 pressures of steam and they are graded according to its pressure range... what are they?

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    I have worked on steam generation units where Steam at atmospheric pressure up to about 125psi was considered LP steam.

    Up to 300psi was MP steam and above 300psi HP steam

    Also, we can have 'Wet' (Saturated steam) at any pressure and 'Dry' (Superheated steam) also at any pressure.

    Our HP steam was at 630psi at 486°F (252°C) Wet steam which was then further heated to 775°F (413°C) 630psi Dry steam to feed our turbines.

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    The three categories are defined as under.......

    SUPER HEATED STEAM: The steam which is at a temp. above it's saturation temp. is known as super heated steam.

    SATURATED STEAM: The steam which is at the sturation temp is known as saturated steam.

    WET STEAM; The steam at a temp below it's saturation temp is known as wet steam.

    The saturation temp for different pressures are available from the steam table.

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