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Who killed 2PAC?

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    There are theories mostly.

    Some say it was Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson and the Southside Crips. A few weeks prior to Tupac's murder, Anderson and a group of Crips robbed a member of Death Row's entourage at a Foot Locker Store. On the night of the murder Anderson was seen at the Tyson/ Seldon fight in Las Vegas and was "beaten down" by Shakur's entourage and Suge Knight & his followers. After the brawl, Shakur went to meet w/ Suge Knight to go to Club 662 (owned by Death Row). En route at approx 11:15pm a white late model 4door Cadilac came up on the car Shakur was in on the passenger side (where Tupac was riding), and rapidly fired 12-13 rounds. Tupac was fatally struck by 4 of the rounds.

    So it could have been a retaliation for the beating.

    Some say Biggie Smalls was behind the murder. In a noteable 2002 investigation by the Los Angeles Times, writer Chuck Phillips claimed to have uncovered evidence implicating Biggie in the attack. In the article, Phillips quoted unnamed gang-member sources who claimed Biggie had ties to the Crips, and often hired them for security during West Coast appearances. Informants also state that Biggie gave them one of his own guns to be used in Tupac's slaying, and that he had a $1,000,000 contract on Shakur's life. By the time these allegations were published, Biggie himself had been killed.

    Still others say that Suge Knight might be behind the murder. Theorists mistook a statement in a song as "Suge shot me" or "Suge shot 'em" until confirmation of multiple audio tests and confirmation from members of the Outlawz. This along with reports of Knights strong-arm tactics with artists and other illegal business tactics including involvement with the Piru Bloods gave rise to the theory that Knight was complicit in the murder. It was also reported that Suge Knight owed Tupac up to 17,000,000 in back royalties, but no evidence has been provided to suport this theory.

    Another theory is that Tupac is alive and well, but in hiding.

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    I think Suge Knight had something to do with it. He was driving the car when Tu-pac was shot.

    Source(s): behind the music on Vh1
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    no one knows for sure.... or at least no one has been tried or convicted for his death



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