Who does the land of Israel/Palestine belong to?

Who does the land of Israel/Palestine belong to? The Jews or the Arabs? And why?

Both have legitimate claims, but what is the best and most feasible solution for the problem? And who has the more logical claim to the land if there has to be sole propriety?

Is the Two-State Solution feasible, given the desires and demands of the very nature of the argument?

Will there ever be peace?

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    1 decade ago
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    There are 22 Arab countries and over 30 Muslim countries in the world.

    There is only one Jewish homeland: Israel.

    As for a two state solution, how is that supposed to work?

    After all, Israel evacuated thousands of Jewish families and gave huge tracts of land to the Arabs over two years ago.

    Since then, no homes or schools were built on that land.

    Instead, the Arabs are using that very land to fire rockets into Israeli towns.

    It seems that there will never be peace...

  • Krista
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    5 years ago

    if you listen to the Arabs there is only one solution(the same as their WWII allies the Nazis, kill all the Jews) push the Israelis into the sea.they lost the wars in 48,53,67,73 and still hold to this disgusting belief.I do not know if it's just their leaders or is it the majority of the Palestinian people that want to kill.But i do know that they rejected a two state solution in 1999 and started the intifada instead. As to if there will ever be a peace, one day when the Arabs finally get tired of killing people sure there will be a peace after all the Arabs and Jews lived in peace for a few hundred years before the present trouble. the claims to the land are now irrelevant the state of Israel exists with a vibrant economy,democratic governance,and a strong military ,and the Arabs have nothing (of their own choosing)both started at the same time and one is free and prosperous and the other is just waiting for handouts. the other Arabs states seen to want it this way as they want let the Palestinian rot in camps and give them handout but not enough to live decently and blame the Israeli for their mess

  • NJ
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    1 decade ago

    In the Bible in Genesis 12 Chapter, God spoke Abraham

    telling him that this was land for His people, the Jewish people for generations to come.

    All Arab Nations wont's Israel gone forever, then that region will be fully Muslim to worship Islam.

    No one will ever divide Israel, God will not allow it. "God said to all Nations that touches my anointed ones will suffer with my wrath."

    They hate our God although this one God is for all people.

    There will not be peace until the return of Jesus Christ to step out on a cloud from the eastern sky and a Angel will blow the trumpet and all saints will meet Jesus in the air, the dead in Christ will rise first.

    What a Glorious day that will be.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Im not exactly sure but i think what happened was England divided the land giving the "Palestinians" ,which is what they are called, sinai pennisula, jerusalem, and the gaza strip. Israel/Jews get the rest of the land. However eventually the jews believed that the land was all theirs to begin with and israel took over the sinai pennisula i know for sure. There wont be peace, maybe for a little bit its not just about land its about conflicting religions. Ive always felt bad for the palestinians but i think my class decided that they should just take over jordan, but in all reality it is much harder for palstines because their are three parts for them all around the countries,

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  • 1 decade ago

    Though they are small areas, because of Religious and Historical Significants to over half of this Planet Population, I propose that whole Area be set up as an Intenational Historical-Cultural Landmark and Administered by an International Organization and the United Nations until God, Allah or Jehovah, Krishna or Vishnu send someone to say otherwise.

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    1 decade ago

    Who ever is strong/brutal enough to hold it. That's the way its done on earth by every living organism.

    The Jews said God gave it to them and then they murdered the original inhabitants. The Palestine's are the descendants of those that moved in after the Romans drove the Jews out. Neither has a legitimate claim. Let them fight it out winner gets the land, loser's fertilize it.



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The land belongs to Israel, legally.

    There is no such nation as Palestine, that is a lie.

    There are no such people as Palestinians, that is a lie.

    Some of them came from this land when Israel was established (again, legally). They left voluntarily, because they believed that Israel was going to kill them. (They believed this because they have been killing Jews since the days of David.)

    In fact, those Arabs that never left their houses, still live peaceably in Israel and have better rights than in ANY Arab land.

    The claims they make are only to fool uninformed people.

    These people have been offered their own nation, twice.

    They have REFUSED.

    They plan to take over Israel and kill every Jew in it. They say so, often.

    They need YOU, however, to help them.

    Nice job.

  • 1 decade ago

    Israel ....no there will never be peace,till Jesus comes back.....

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