Greek Myth Questions?

My teacher gave the class 95 questions to do on Greek mythology. Im having trouble finding the last 5! Please help.

1. Apollo killed an individual and impressed this woman.

2. This woman was turned into a bird to be hidden from Hera.

3. Hades killed this man. (He was killed because he had cheated death)

4. Zues killed this Titan

5. The god killed the love of Apollo.

I appreciate all of your help.

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    2. Iynx, daughter of Faun and Echo; she was turned into a bird (a wryneck, Iynx torquilla) by Hera/Iuno/Juno for luring Zeus/Iupiter/Jupiter to Io.

    IYNX (Iunx), a daughter of Peitho and Pan, or of Echo. She endeavoured to charm Zeus, or make him, by magic means, fall in love with Io; in consequence of which Hera metamorphosed her into the bird called lynx (iynx torquilla). (Schol. ad Theocrit. ii. 17, ad Pind. Pyth. iv. 380, Nem. iv. 56; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 310.) According to another story, she was a daughter of Pierus, and as she and her sisters had presumed to enter into a musical contest with the Muses, she was changed into the bird lynx. (Anton. lib. 9.) This bird, the symbol of passionate and restless love, was given by Aphrodite to Jason, who, by turning it round and pronouncing certain magic words, excited the love of Medeia. (Pind. Pyth. iv. 380, &c.; Tzetz. l. c.)

    Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.

    Zeus himself turns Callisto into the bear (or by Artemis, to punish her for violating a vow of chastity) and Io into a heifer/cow/calf to hide them from Hera.

    Alcyone, wife of Ceyx, was turned into a sea bird (the gannet), but with Hera's help.

    Procne was changed into the nightingale, constantly crying her sorrow in the sounds, "Itu, Itu" (the name of her son). Philomela, her sister, became the voiceless swallow. And Tereus, Procne's husband, also changed into a bird, became the hoopoe, which calls out, "pou, pou" which means "where, where" in Greek. But they had nothing to do with Hera.

    Scylla was changed into a bird. The sea-eagle. Hera wasn't involved.

    I don't agree with the answer above:

    1. Apollo killed many. Further searches are required.

    3. Others cheated death also.

    TANTALUS - A Lydian king who was favoured by the gods and invited to dine at their table. But after he stole ambrosia and nectar, he was condemned to spend eternity tortured in the Dungeons of the Damned. (N.B. The theft of ambrosia, literally "immortality," suggests he cheated death. Cf. Sisyphus.)

    SISYPHUS - A Corinthian king who tried to cheat death, first by escaping from the Underworld, and then by capturing the spirit of Death himself. The wicked man was eventually recaptured and sentenced to eternal torture in the Dungeons of the Damned. (N.B. Like Tantalus, he may have achieved his desired immortality, against the will of the gods.)

    4. Hesiod is not the last word on the Titans. Other writers say "Zeus, enraged, slays the Titans with his thunderbolt". Besides, there were more than the first 6 Titans (and 6 Titanides) and Zeus had his way with others too.

    5. Apollo had more lovers than one could count. Why would your teacher ask about one of his gay-affairs?

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    1. Python. Apollo killed the vicious dragon which lived in Delphi because Python had attempted to rape Leto while pregnant. I'm not sure if this is right seeing as Leto was Apollo's mother but its the closest i could find

    2. Can't find

    3. Sisyphus. Was chained in Tartarus by demand of Zeus. Sisyphus slyly asked Thanatos (Death) to show him how the chains worked and bound him instead. This caused the unthinkable: no human could die! ares got bored with war since no one would die and intervened, releasing Thanatos and sending Sisyphus to Tartarus. Before he died, he told his wife not to make sacrifices and then complaining to Persephone that he was being neglected, was allowed to return to the upper world to consult his wife. Once there, he refused to return, thus out smarting and cheating Death.

    4. Chronos. Chronos (which means Time), was one of the first Gods. He and his mate Rhea gave birth to the next generation of gods but he devoured them as they were born. When Zeus was born, Rhea hid him and replaced him with a stone which Chronos devoured instead. When Zeus was grown, he was brough forth and killed his father, thus releasing all of his siblings as well.

    5. Zephyrus (God of the West Wind) was fond of Hyacinthus, a youth that Apollo loved. Jealous that the young man prefered Apollo over him, he blew a discus off course and it struck Hyacinthus in the head and killed him.

    Whewwww!! that took a long time! hope i'm right and hop it helps

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    I swear, I've read all of these stories but I don't remember their names!

    I know them!

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