Traditions in Venezuela?

What are some Traditions in venezuela?

I am working on a project and I need your help. Thank you


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    wow!!! Venezuela, although having major problems with its high crime rates, and all the crap they have to say out there, is a country full of wonderfull traditions, one that I love to remember, and probably one of the saddest, is the Dia de los muertos, my father passed away, but his first "Dia" was beautiful, al of us celebrating, meet at church early in the morning, and have a service for our deceast ones, after the service, we all walk (or drive) together to the cementaries where our loved ones are resting. Another beautiful tradition is Christmas, OF COURSE!!!! having the family over to cook our hallacas, and eating our baked honey ham....hmmm...yummy....I can't wait for this christmas....if you need any more info....just message me.....

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Traditions in Venezuela?

    What are some Traditions in venezuela?

    I am working on a project and I need your help. Thank you

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    Have you tried a very simple research technique yet? Such as using an internet search engine (example: Google) and searching a term such as: Venezuela Customs or Venezuela traditions? I'll bet you'll find quite of bit of information related to your subject and you might actually learn something as well. If you actually read the material and learn something, you'll be able to discuss it answer questions during your presentation.

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    There are many traditions in Venezuela. Many have to do with religion.

    Here are some:

    "Los Diablos de Yare"

    " Los Diablos de Chuao"

    "La fiesta de San Juan in Chuao"

    "El velorio de cruz de mayo"

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    Lets many things.....well, I can tell you what we don't have. I don't get "engaged" or propose with a ring. The couples just decide to get married and do it, after the parents blessings of course.

    We celebrate Christmas eve instead of Christmas day.

    On New Year's eve in the small towns we go around the neighbourhood wishing Happy New Year.

    If you need more help, just e mail me.

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    Traditions In Venezuela

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