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Flapper girl make up?

For Halloween, I've planned to be a Flapper girl. What's the best type of make up that will go with it? I'm thinking smokey eyes with silver eyeshadow and gradually adding black until the outside corners of my eyes with thick black liquid liner on top. Would fake lashes look ok? and red lip stick? Any cute, fun ideas...please tell=]!

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    very dark eyes in a rounder shape encasing the eye.

    lips are dark, very well defined with a small shape.

    skin is matte.

    cheeks are very much "rouge" looking and higher.

    i like to add lashes with a strong baseline that is a bit flarey so it modernizes this look more and photographs well.

    don't forget the hat and the fringe.

    i just did a photoshoot where for the modern day flapper, we used a tight white knitted beanie with the model's white fringie immaculate and beautiful along with the black bob wig.

    don't forget the flapper dances.

    i like flappers to have a bit of elegance to them so i love feathery brooches on the hats and dangly, antiquated jewelry along with an amazingly well executed makeup.

    i also love wigs! wigs and lashes!!

    hope this helps.

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    Make 1920's Flapper Dress Pattern!

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