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How to get him to like you!!?

KAy, so there's this guy... let's call him N, and this girl we'll call J. J really likes N, but she thinks N likes another girl (S). J asked N and S said that she was just his friend and there is nothing wrong with that. N is nice to J but teases her alot. N and J are friends /sort of/ and even spent most of the day working on an art project today (yaaaay. lmao.) So how can J find out if N likes her?

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    ask him..but not yet yu dnt wan tu b toooo strait up..maybe jus add it intu th conversation..bein like "soooo whuz the gurl?" just sort of add it in thea..but no randumly it haz to be the rite yu get wat i mean!!

    Teasing may be a sign of flirting aswell..that may be how he sees it atleast.


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