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is it normall for my pit/lab puppys nose to peel?

its a girl and is a puppy

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    If your vet says he is healthy then I would go with that. *shrug* :)

    But if you are still concerned you may want to check with your vet and then see if adding some Flax Seed Oil to your dogs diet can improve the moisture of your dogs nose within a short space of time.

    The state of a dog's snout is no sure sign of health. Normal canine body temperature ranges from 101 to 103 degrees; however, veterinarians agree a dog may still have a cold, wet nose while running a temperature of 105 degrees. Never disregard other possible signs of illness simply because a dog's nose says otherwise.

    Conversely, a dry nose is no need for panic. An afternoon romp in the middle of summer may leave your pooch slightly dehydrated. Be sure plenty of cool, fresh water is available to your dog at all times. Consult a veterinarian if the condition persists more than a day or two or if other symptoms are present.

    I looked up dry nose and found a few suggestions for you-

    If all of your pet's skin, including the skin on the nose, looks dry and thick, he could have a deficiency of zinc. Zinc is a mineral that is essential for skin health, says Charles McLeod, D.V.M., a veterinary pathologist at Antech Diagnostics in Carney, Maryland. Zinc deficiencies are especially common in some Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes because of an inherited condition that prevents the mineral from being absorbed. Pets that are given low-quality foods may also run low in this important nutrient, he adds.

    Best of luck.

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    well the answer above me seems to say it all lol

    but also keep in mind that she may have a sunburn

    dogs' noses are very sensitive and can burn and peel just like our skin when overexposed to the sun.

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