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what are some cool facts about venezuela

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    To me the coolest fact about Venezuela is that the people from Venezuela are still standing after 9 years of Hugo Chavez in power trying to kill the middle and upper class in every sense. The people are still hanging in there and trying to gain liberty and freedom of speech and will never surrender to a communist dictator.

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  • Alej
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    Venezuela has beaches, deserts (los medanos de coro), rainforests (the amazon jungle) and mountains (Los andes, la cordillera de la costa). So there you can find a little bit of everything even snow!

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    1. Angel falls, the TALLEST waterfall in the world is there

    2. Part of Amazon is there, therefore there are lots of animals in rainforest areas

    3. Orinoco River is there

    4. I'm from there!! hahaha

    Good Luck! Hope it was what you needed... except #4.. hehe

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