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My dog ate rat poison!!?


I have a 4 year old female (about 75 pounds) Golden and she ate rat poison yesterday. We took her to the vet and she asked how much she ate and her weight. She told us that we should go to the emergency clinic so they could give her a Vitamin K1 shot, but she doesn't think that it should harm her because she's such a big dog. So we took her home. We got home today and she seemed fine. She used it this morning and when I got home. Her urine was normal. But her stool was green colored. Another vet told us to watch her, and if she has any symptoms of weakness, vomiting, etc. that we should take her to the emergency clinic asap. I just want to know a little bit more about how rat poison works, if I should be concerned, and anything I can do at home to ensure her survival.

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    you should call poison control right now

    most places will take your card number and charge you for the advice.

    here is one that is FREE... CALL IT!


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    I have a small dog that ate mouse poison several years ago, the kind that comes in small green pellets. As soon as we found that she'd done so, we took her to the vet. They gave her medicine to make her throw up what she'd eaten and activated charcoal to neutralize the remaining material in her stomach. So that was how we spent Christmas Eve of 2003!

    We took her home later that evening...she was pretty freaked out, but was feeling fine the next day.

    I'm not a vet, so I'd say take their advice since they're the experts. My dog is quite small (only 10 pounds) and ate a fair amount, so that may be why they were aggressive in purging her stomach. The green in her stool may simply be the coloring in the poison, at least if it's the kind that my dog ate. That may just be good news that it's moving out of her system. I'd recommend keeping a close eye on her as they said and take her in if she seems to be in any distress. You probably know her behavior better than anyone else and can tell if she's not right.

    It's amazing what dogs manage to get into sometimes, and it's stressful when you're not sure what to do...hope she's feeling better soon! Take care.

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    Try to keep her from anything that might break her skin. Rat poisoning is a blood thinner. The rats run in and out of garbage and other things that slighty nick their skin. Once the eat rat poisoning their blood is so thin that these little cuts don't stop bleeding and then the bleed to death. Keep her inside and watch her very close. My neighbor had a dog that ate rat poisoning once. After several nervous days, the dog was fine. I hope you have a happy outcome as well. Take care and good luck

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    About 15 years ago I lost a dog because she got into rat poison in our barn. She was about 50 pounds and ate a LOT. She passed away overnight, HOWEVER it sounds like you are on an okay path. If it's been a few days already it sounds like she's doing well. It also seems like the toxins are just passing right through her body instead of being absorbed. Also I'd keep an eye on her behavior for a few more days just to be safe. You did the right thing by going to the vet. Good pet owner!!! :)

    I hope she does great!

    Source(s): You may also want to read this!!! http://www.dogworks.org/poison.htm
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    I'm not going to be rude at all. Your dads dog should be just fine. He did all the right things and the vet did all the right things too. Now your dad has to get the rat poison out of the dogs reach. Hope he's back to him self by tomorrow.

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    If it's strychnine based, it basically is a blood thinner, to the point the rats hemorrhage internally and bleed to death. The K shot is a blood cloting aide, to keep her blood from thinning too much.

    Your best bet is keep her quiet, no exercise that would cause bruising or raise her blood pressure, and lots of water and good food to keep her chemistry healthy.

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    Take her to a vet and get a poision shot I had to do that with my dog the dog strtill suiffers for 12 days but after that your dog will be healthy but may still ahve little problms ehre and thetre but it s better than watching it suffer day after day hope she pulls through :)

  • whateverblahblahblah, is right. I hope that you did get the Vitamin K shot.

    Keep an eye on the stool and urine. Make sure there is not blood in it. Also, watch the amount of water that she is in-taking. If she seems to drink more than normal, you need to get her back to the vet. Because that means she is dehydrating and possibly bleeding internally.

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    Give her milk.... this method was shown to me by my dad its an old method that he used when he lived in mexico when he was small in his ranch... whe actually used it here once that our little dog ate rat poison and we gave it milk and it was fine nothing happened

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    Please for your sake and the animals take care of this ASAP my rottweiler died because he ate rat poison and he was about 150lbs, if you wait to long your dog will start bleeding from her eyes, mouth, ears, and it will be in her urine to. It is a very sad sight and its very painful for them. It was especially painful for me because I loved that dog, i spent over 4,000 trying to save him. They gave him about 4 blood transfusions and the posion would not go away. So PLEASE I witnessed all of this and I know the facts! take care of this RIGHT AWAY! Dont listen to your vet, take your dog to get checked somewhere else.

    Source(s): My Dog died from rat posion
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