i am a freshman and planning to be a lawyer i wanted 2 know if tsking latin is a good idea and in wntr session

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    It is an excellent choice, but probably not for the reason you were thinking. There are Latin words in law, but not that many - and you soon become familiar with them all. Current practice is to use less and less Latin. I saw a news note recently (unsubstantiated) the courts in the UK have actually banned use of Latin.

    Where it will help is with your understanding and use of English. Let's face it - the only tangible product a lawyer produces is in the form of written documents. Many words in English have Latin origins (about 60%), so an understanding of Latin will help give you a basis for understanding the differences and shades of meaning between different words and will generally broaden your vocabulary - a valuable tool for someone whose product is words.

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    I'm going to say that Latin is completely unnecessary if you want to be a lawyer. I just graduated from law school and passed the bar, and not once did I find myself saying, "Boy, I wish I knew Latin so I could better understand this." What few Latin phrases still used in legal jargon are easy to remember and easy to find in a Black's Law Dictionary.

    (PS - I went to U.S. law schools)

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    I heard from someone who went to law school that you should take latin. So many things in law are based from latin words.

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    it certainly won't hurt and would be an awesome thing to do. there are so many words that come from latin origins! if your school offers it, take advantage of that!

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  • Lee
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    1 decade ago

    Latin is an *excellent* choice if you are pre-law.

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