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Why do I hear people use "us" or "we" when referring to military action by ground forces in Iraq/Afghanistan?

It's nothing new, I realize that, but what's up with it? For instance, let's say special forces killed 17 insurgents in a pre-dawn raid outside of Tikirit. So then I hear some dude at Lowe's talking about he "we kicked their asses". We did? Or were you watching Springer on your recliner with a lap full of Cheetos? I understand the vets who served in the past talking about it, they fought and they get it. But does it seem right that while he gears up for a game of paintball, Johnny Wifebeater who didn't enlist because he didn't like being told what to do, compares himself to a Delta Force operator working in an Afghani village?


I'm not trying to blast people for their solidarity. I just don't get the idea that if you pay your taxes then you feel you are also actively participating in combat operations.

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    1. It's still our tax dollars supporting the war.

    2. We're standing in solidarity with our soldiers.

    Source(s): As for me personally, I'm in Army ROTC, and will be going over there in not too long.
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    If you actually look up the cross reference to the scripture at John 18: 6 you will notice it points to John 7:46 where it states "The officers replied: “Never has [another] man spoken like this.” They knew he was the "Christ" which is Greek for Messiah. It says nothing about Him being God. Along similar lines, we could read Philippians 2:9, where the apostle Paul describes what God did after Jesus died and was resurrected. The verse says: "God exalted him [Jesus] to a superior position and kindly gave him the name that is above every other name." If Jesus was God or equal to God before he died and God later exalted him to a higher position, would that not put Jesus above God? Yet how could anyone become superior to God? And if he was God before he died, how can God die? There is no "mystery" here. Jesus is the Son of God. Also, God always referred to Jesus as his son, and Jesus always referred to God as his father, showing that God was older and had more authority. He also said that he came to do God's will and not his own, showing two wills; his father and his. Two separate wills. If you want to go on believing that God has three heads, then you must have three too, since you were created in his image!

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    It's like a rabid football fan. I'll bet jhonny wifebeater never saw a football without sweating. But by god he'll tell the t.v. what to do and give it a hard time when the Q.B. makes a mistake. Those in the military are drilled every day to think in terms of "we" and "us", you are never alone. The news does it to keep people feeling involved. But simply our actions are like taxes we may not like them sometimes but, until the people rise up to buck the system, we are each of us responsible in some way. It isn't about taking credit it's about acknowledging our country's part of it as a whole. But put simply it was "WE THE PEOPLE" not I the president some friends of mine and the soldiers that got us here.

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    You have a point about us citizens not having a clue about what it takes to get to a military victory

    The guy in Lowes said, "kicking asses" did not have any idea what it took to accomplish that tactical butt kicking.

    But with all the negative reports and stuff in the news media, perhaps he was ignorantly but sincerely taking pride in the accomplishments of the soldiers that represent his country.

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    It is pretty silly. I know a lot of people say it for the same reason they might say "We kicked the Redsox butts!" when all they did is sit on the couch and drink beer: it's all about identifying with someone that they're a fan of. It's meant for respects by most, but some people just think they're stuff and could have done the same thing with both hands tied, and that does tick me off.

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    Good point. I hate that. I hate it when people say it about sports, too, not just the military. It's even worse when people say it who were not even born until after a war was over. Like a 30 year old saying we kicked their butt on Iwo Jima.

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    I understand your disdain when people seem to be including themselves in the successes and/or failures of the military in OIF and OEF, but I think its the intent of the person speaking that matters. If someone really includes themselves as if they were over there themselves, then I would also take issue with that. However, if someone includes one's self as an American who believes in those serving, then I would personally be less judgemental.

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    Most of the people who use 'us' or 'we' in their conversation about military action are probably

    veterans or active duty personnel and are reliving their experiences, and I do see your point in this question because some people who have never served in the military should rephrase their speech

    when talking about certain things!!

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    We did. WE are a government by the people and for the people. Our military, which is supported by OUR tax dollars goes and does what needs to be done. So.... we are right there with them. They represent 'us' Americans all over the world.

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    If you were in my shoes you would have offed yourself a long time ago. That's the problem with the world people like you, it's people like you why there's two missing towers in New York. Oh no a box cutter, please don't cut me crash this plane instead.

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