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Here's the line up, do I need a PF? If so, who can I trade?

A. Miller, J. Johnson, J. Smith, P. Pierce, L. Odom, S. Jackson, D. Howard, A. Bynum, A. Horford, R. Rondo, L. Scola, R. Alston, K. Martin.

If I don't need a PF, I would think my line up is pretty it?

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    I'm assuming K. Martin is Kenyon and not Kevin...

    Horford and Scola are servicible until Odom gets back in a couple weeks to grab the PF spot. If you're playing roto, my main concern is your lack of FT%. You should really address that having Josh, Dwight, Rondo, and Bynum on your team.

    You've got 3 PG so I would try to trade Rafer and/or Rondo. Joe johnson is good at getting apg so he and Andre should stay put. Stephen Jackson is your best FT shooter but he could be used as trade bait as well since you have Josh and Paul as swingmen.

    Out of those 3 suggested, you could package up a deal and go after PF's with better FT% such as Zach, David Lee, David West, Nocioni, Villanueva, Gomes, Bargnani, Frye, and even Collison.

    Don't know how well Horford or Scola will be in that department but you could just leave your team be and wait to see. Good luck.

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    Seems like you have a pretty well rounded line-up, players that can contribute to multiple categories. Only concern I have is scoring and 3 pts. Your top scorer will probably be Johnson, he should avg around 25 again. Other than him, Miller, Rondo, Smith, Bynum, pretty much everyone else except for Pierce, Martin, and maybe Odom can't really score. So you may want to look into that a little more.

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    Horford and Scola have had strong pre-seasons. While Odom is always a good option as a PF. (Is K.Martin - Kevin of the Kings or Kenyon of the Nuggets?) I don't think you need another one as long as these guys are healthy.

    The rule of thumb in fantasy basketball is: Always have four bodies to a position.

    Hope this helps!

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    you've got a strong team out there let me advice you for your starting lineup, Miller for PG, Joe Johnson SG, Pierce SF, Odom PF and Howard Center that would be a great team

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    It looks to me like you drafted mostly Forwards leaving yourself glaringly weak at the point (Miller is middling at best...Rondo has much to prove...Alston is a backup backing up a backup). I would try to package up a couple of the aforementioned w/one of the F's and get a better PG in return. Good luck.

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    dude it somewhat is old information i asked this comparable question a whilst lower back, it somewhat is actual that ron artest could be a brilliant laker. yet doubt the lakers even could desire to provide up odom ot get artest, i've got heard a lot of rumors that artest somewhat needs to be a laker and if he opts obtainable's no longer something any whiny sac fan can do.

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    it's not bad...but you need someone who's gonna get you some all around points. Kirilenko on Utah got me really good points last year. he was a player not too many people wanted, but his numbers were always good.

    Dirk Nowitski is a point getting PF too. you would probably be better off with a PF>

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    Pretty decent trade a Jackson, or L.Odem to get another big forword.

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    id let rafer alston and/or steven jackson go. joe smith also. he's old. not even an a+ veteran.

  • You need a PF that have a good field goal % and a 3 pointer...........

    That means Nowitzki or Bargani

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