where can i buy puerto rican pasteles online?

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    Do not buy pasteles online. I repeat ... Do not buy pasteles online. Do not even buy pasteles from someone you do not know. Only buy pasteles from someone you know or from a neighborhood spanish resturant. Puerto Ricans will tell you themselves to only get them from someone you know, or someone they know. The reason being, is that ppl can put a lot of "stuff" in it, that you would have no idea what it is, and it would not be "healthful" for you. The best thing to do is have someone show you how to make them yourself.

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    Puerto Rican Pasteles For Sale

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    tamales and pasteles are totally different things. mexicans do tamales and puerto ricans do pasteles. If i were you personally I would not buy them online, you dont know how people might turn out to be or sell you old stuff. U can look online places to eat like little restaurants or latin supermarkets that have food available and talk to a cook there and pay them extra for the extra work of doing pasteles some people would do it for a few bucks.

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    They'd be too expensive. I pressume they are sold frozen and hence shipping costs will go up. You are better off finding a recipe online and going for it.

    Found a site anyways:


    Also, GOYA sells (if you can find it in your local supermarket) some frozen foods and empanadas that might remotely pass as pasteles. Not great, but a decent treat!.

    • chan6 years agoReport

      I like Goya, but none of their foods come close to Puerto Rican pasteles. They would never EVER pass as pasteles. Empanadas are empanadas and pasteles are pasteles

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    5 years ago

    Buying pasteles through the mail is going to cost you a lot. I find it cheaper to make myself.Also check to see if there are any puertorican (or latin) food stores in your area that might sell them.

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    You can visit http://www.puertoricopasteles.com

    They are good, reputable and got special packaging.

    They are located in Puerto Rico and ship to anywhere in the USA.

  • 6 years ago

    Thank everyone, these links are very helpful, and tk you #almondlace i will be very careful in decided to order online or not

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