Differentiate between Goods and Services / Craft Production and Mass Production?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Goods are generally a product sold such as a shoe, a bicycle etc. These have a designated value which depends on the market, type of product and industry. For example a shoe may be valued more depending on the market, i.e., California, New York or Africa, or the brand, Armani or K-mart, type such as work shoe, crock or dress shoe. A Service is generally a value put on labor such as a dentist, lawyer, doctor, steel worker etc. Craft production and Mass production are generally identified by the type of product. A craft production is generally something made on a small scale, such as a homemade quilt or generally a homemade or shop made product. Quilt is a good example. Whereas Mass production is made on a very large scale, hundrends of thousand for example. A quilt if made by an individual is generally considered to be Craft Production. It can however be made in Mass production and sold in "box" stores. Jewelery is another good example as a Jeweler can make a special ring or necklace and it would be craft made, but Zales or box stores can sell mass produced items. Uniqueness is generally associated with Craft Production. Hope this helps!

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