what are some various religious views on homosexuality??

I am doing an article on various religions views on homosexuality. A collegue is doing various ethnicity's views. Please give your view, your religious preferences, and your ethnicity. One more thing, BE NICE. Don't bash someone for ther views or religious preferences. State only your opinions, and nothing else. We want peace and understanding, right?


Some of the research info is helpful, but My collegue and I have research. We want opinions from individuals, if you please

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    Christian, Jewish, and Muslim doctrines say that it is wrong. I'm not sure of the other major religions views. In paganism, it is condoned, and I recently had a conversation with someone who told me (sourcing his university anthropology lecture) that American Indian tribes accepted it. Their view was that the person was born with a double soul.

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    The 3 great Western Religions - Judaism, Islam, and Christianity generally condemn homosexuality as immoral. However, both in Judaism and in Christianity you will find churches as well as individuals who disagree with these beliefs and are accepting of gay people. Homosexuality is condemned in the Western Religions because of admonitions against it in the various scriptures. However, how these are interpreted by groups and individuals varies widely.

    I do not know enough about sexual ethics in most of the Eastern Religions to give you a very broad perspective. I was involved with a Chinese Buddhist group for some years and the topic of homosexuality was raised. Our Venerable taught that it was a violation of the precepts, specifically it breached the precept against sexual misconduct.

    I hope this helps.


  • Mark S
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    I am an American Baptist. Homosexuality is a choice not a way of life or ingrained in that person, it is a choice. By reading Genesis chpts 1 and 2, man and woman were created in the image of God. All started with Adam and Eve. Read Romans chpt 1 verses 16 to the end. It pretty much talks about what is going on now. That man was not intended to lie with man or woman with woman. That it is a choice. Due to the choice, you must suffer the consequences for that choice. Continue reading and it almost seems as if Paul is writing about us, right now.

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    There is no such thing as 100% male or 100% female. We all have varying degrees of the other sex within us.

    If we are male, and we have more than a fair share of female hormones, we are likely to become slightly more feminine than male - and vice versa.

    No-one chooses to be homosexual. It is already within us and virtually impossible to get rid of.

    Those with just slightly more hormones of one than the other will act feminine, if you are male, and you will act masculine if you are female.

    However, religious people will not agree with this; they are guided by the ignorant scribblings of the bibles they read.

    They are the ones you have to beware of.

    Good luck.

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    Not a matter of choice, but how the person chooses to live their life is a choice, I say be who you are but don't shove it flamingly into the faces of those you know will be offended.

  • Tamsin
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    There is nothing wrong with being gay. I'm agnostic.. I believe in some sort of higher power but no specifics.

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    Well ,I think homosexuality is something that people just have to deal with. I'm so sick of religions trying to "scare people straight". Just learn to accept it because it's not going anywhere.

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    It doesn't matter what religious people think, nor what institutions teach. Gay people are here, successful and happily integrated into society. Gay is the vanguard of human evolution. Religion is the pimple on the **** of progress.

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    Homosexuality is a sin in my religion. I'm Muslim. I'm white with part German, part Welsh, part Spanish, and part Scottish-irish.

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