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Does anyone know the residence policy for chicago public schools?

I have 3 children and live in the suburbs. My children were in a parochial school in my town and were pulled out of the school by there mother whom also lives in the same town. She put them in a school in a bad part of the city because its more convenient for her. Is that allowed? If not how would i go about letting the school know my kids are residents of Chicago?

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  • Zim
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    1 decade ago
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    I would call the board of education's legal department.If she is using a fake address you will need to bring proof.She is stealing money from the US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION which allocated those funds for Chicago students.She will need to provide proof of residency and she will need to provide those documents in ten days or your kids will be dropped from the schools rosters.If the mother lives in an apartment try to get a notarized letter from the landlord /neighbors as proof that she lives there.If there's

    proof that she enrolled them without being a legal resident of the city she may need to pay those funds back.

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