Christmas shopping?

What do you get 4 the father that has everything and buys what he doesn't have? Last year I resorted to a gift basket of misc items. I have already done tools, hobbies, clothes, relaxation items, family photos and I refuse to do the gift card thing. Does anyone have any suggestions for something sentimental? He's 55. HELP! Christmas is just around the corner and I need to get busy! 10 points to whichever answer I use!

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    Make a little memory book. Write stories of your favorite childhood memories of time spent with him. Include photos, pressed leaves, drawings, newspaper clippings, etc. (whatever is appropriate to go with each story).

    Also, my dad loves music, so every year I try to find a CD that he doesn't have and that I think he would like (even if he's never heard of the recording artist before). Music has become our special thing to share.

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    I usually start my Christmas shopping at the end of October. I have been known to buy presents in July, I have spotted something that I know would be ideal for someone and bought it. The problem is I have also been known to put it away for safe keeping till Christmas and then forgotten about it. Earlier this year I was cleaning out some cupboards and came across a book that I had bought for my husband for Christmas and simply forgot about it. Still it was a nice surprise to have a present at Easter instead of Christmas, thank goodness I had not wrapped it in Christmas wrapping paper.

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    my dad is going to be 51 right after Christmas, and I finally found him something different. They sell an aftermarket antenna for your car/truck and it looks like a fishing pole with reel. I thought that was the neatest thing, so that is what he is getting. I suggest you take some candid photos of things the two of you have shared in your of your kids, your family, places that remind you of him...and put together a small scrap book. I bet he would love it.

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    I tell you I had the same problem...I finally came up on the idea of getting him a package at the local spa... Yes men do love massage as much as women. I have also have detail his vehicle and make a deal with the local business that it is done once a month. My father loves that, clean vehicles are something he likes.

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    How about taking his vehicle in for a complete detail?

    Make a book of coupons for things such as going out for lunch, washing the car, mowing - lawn work, cleaning, errands etc..

    A fish aquarium?

    Hire someone to do a job around his home that he does not know how to do, such as replacing a door etc..

    Wish you had listed some of his likes, dislikes.

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    Ya know what. I dont care about the ten points thingy, all I know is that no matter how many fishing poles a man has, he is always happy with 1 more.

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    if he's not in contact with some of his old friends from school try to find them and have a mini reunion or have them send pictures and stories from when they were in school or even the military...and create a memory book with the pics and stories...

    good luck

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    What about a crate of his favourite wines or beers? Buy them individually so he has a nice selection? Waitrose UK have a great selection.

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    My dad likes concerts so I try to get tickets for stuff (although many a time he has beaten me to it). You might try to get him tickets to a ball game (if he likes sports), get yourself one an make a day out of it. Try to do with him something he likes.

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    how about some one on one personal time with you? make a day of it! give him a hand made certificate that says he can have on shole day with can take him out to dinner, to a movie or just sit and share a wonderful conversation....

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