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Is there a such thing as a "slave mentality"?

where u constantly allow yourself to be trapped in emotionally, financially, or physically restricting situations.


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    I have a word that I collate with "slave mentality" and that is "complacency". I think this is an affliction when people don't strive for anything better in their lives, maybe because they just accept what life hands them instead of taking charge of their future. You see this mentality mostly in urban slums, the people may feel trapped because they may not see a way out of that type of life condition. Everything and everyone around them is negative, that's all they see, so that's all they know, it's a viscous cycle. I think many slaves had a similar attitude, and that's how the masters were able to keep them in their control for so long.

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    I've heard of herd mentality but slave mentality hmmm.....this seems new to me.

    However, when I see your definition I can see some situations of herd mentality. Joining the army and becoming nuns or monks are physically restricting situations. The pressure cooker situations of these 'total' institutions forces people who willingly join it (ironically) to adopt new norms and values without questioning it, living in hardship and even putting their lives on the line. This could probably be due to the culture they are brought up under and the values they were taught from young or what influences them. After 9/11 many joined the army and adopt 'slave' mentality just for the fact that they want to do something to help their country. Nuns like Mother Teresa, live in financially restrictive situations so as to achieve a higher religious purposes in life and also to give the money to those who needed it more than them.

    I don't know if this helps but it is the best explanation I can come up with.

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    Slave Mentality Wikipedia

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    It think there is, it's like extremelly low self-confidence, it's when you stop believe you're a human being with rights and that what other ppl are doing to you is ok, A because no one else is saying anything about it and B because you never knew anything better...It think there are different levels to this mentality, but it defently exist..maybe you can type 'slave mentality' 'psychology' in EBSCOhost or WIKIpedia to have more info on the subject :)

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    I think there is such a thing, and I personally believe that it depends on your total outlook on things. The majority of the people that I have heard talk about it tend to be pessimistic or they are complacent as Buttery said. I'm very optomistic, so I don't think that way.

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    Yes, some people have that mentality of trapping emotional restrain within themselves. According to psychologist, we used defense mechanism to fight against anxiety. One of these tools of defense is repression. When we decide to fight against painful memory and don't wanting them to come to mind.

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