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Apartment for Rent In Vienna Austria?

I want to rent a one bedroom apartment for 3 adults in vienna for about 3 months. Maximum rent I am willing to pay is 1200 €. Help me to find such a place. I will move to austria in January 2008


Thank you for the information about districts. Regarding the bedroom I'd prefer one bedroom apartment for three people only.

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    When flat-hunting in Austria, people go by number of rooms (basically bedrooms + living room, but not kitchen, bathrooms or hallways) and, just as common, square meters (m²). Take a look at the classifieds in the papers, eg (chose Wien - Wohnungen - Miete in the three pulldown menus.) 1200 EUR will get you plenty of offers, and not just for one-bedroom appartments.

    You might also want to consider the district the flat is in, of course. Very, very broadly speaking: Nobody lives in the 1st district (well, obviously some people do, but its neither much fun, in my opinion, nor would I be able to afford it), the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th: Much depends on the actual neighborhood, or even city block, some nicer ones, some I wouldn't want to live it, can't generalize. Most of the 7th, 8th, and 9th district are a good places to live, not (much) too expensive and close to the city center. The 10th, 11th and 12th districts are somewhat less desirable. The 13th is very desirable, but also very expensive, also a little remote, same for 18th and 19th, actually even more so. Districts 14 - 16 I wouldn't recommend, 17 can be OK, 20 - 22 are largely working class and relatively remote from the city center. 23 is OK, although remote. If you go for the suburbs, the south of Vienna is generally considered the most desirable direction, followed by the east, west and north, in that order.

    Good luck, and don't hesitate if you have any followup questions!

    EDIT: If you really only want one bedroom, consider a two room appartment, ie generally one walk-through living room, a separate bedroom, and in most cases a bathroom and a kitchenette. This usually means 40 - 60 m², unless you go for the top end of the market, don't pay more than ~500 EUR per.

    EDIT2: Either I overlooked it, or you added it later, but if youR'e only looking for three months, yes, you will want a furnished appartment. See tips and addresses below.

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    Vienna Apartments For Rent

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    Vienna is a city with a quite high standard of living, a feature that is highly loved by the countless guests who arrive at the Austrian capital and you too may be one of them at least for a couple times, discover how with hotelbye . A few of the places must-see from Vienna are: the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Chapels of St. Eligius, St Tirna, and St. Catherine and South Tower or Schönbrunn Palace. Schönbrunn Palace is really a place worth visiting not just because of its spectacular architecture, but in addition because of its lovely park-like setting. That Baroque palace contains a lot more than 1,441 areas and apartments, including these once used by Empress Maria Theresa. Schönbrunn Park and Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    Only for three months? I think you need a furnished apartment. don't you?

    Check out these homepages.

    I hope you find something here. Two years ago I booked one furnished apartment in Viena. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name. I am going to look for it and then I write you again.


    Here the apartments I was talking about

    The owners are very friendly and the apartments are situated in a good location. I am pretty sure you can negociate the price.

    One advice: If they want to charge you per person, say that only you, or two persons, are going to stay there. Once you have the key of the apartment the other person(s) can arrive.

    Enjoy Vienna is a wonderful city!

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    For longterm apartment rental in Vienna I can only recommend viennaresidence - They have a 3 digit number of centrally located flats which are all fully furnished. There are some more agencies in Vienna, but this is by far the biggest one with the best service.

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    Everytime I go there I use as they have tonnes of choices. I stayed last time in the area of Mariahilf and its a good area with plenty going on.

    Neubau is also a good area.

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