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Flea bombing the house?

I am going to flea bomb my house sometime in the next week or two, but I am concerned about my animals. I know I'll have to take them out of the area for 2-3 hours (at least thats what the box says..) so does that mean I can put them all in one area of the house -say, the upstairs- bomb downstairs wait a few hours, then let them go downstairs. Maybe the next day put them all downstairs, while I bomb the upstairs.

Would that hurt them at all? Or would I have to completely remove them from the house and do it all at once?

I have 4 cats, 4 rats, a dog and a snake, and as I have somewhere I can bring the rats and the dog to I am not sure what I could do with the cats and the snake if I'd have to have them all leave the house.


Darn.. I have no idea what I can do with my kitties and the snake. I can't leave them outside in the cold Minnesota weather..That would probably kill the poor snake.. None of my friends or family would be willing to take them as they aren't cat people, and are racist against snakes.

God I hate fleas.

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    I think it would be best if you tried to get your money back for those flea bombs. They're a lot of hassle, and then after all of it, they end up not working. No flea treatment from a pet store works. Pet stores aren't licensed to sell the proper chemicals for flea treatment - anything you find in store is just going to be a basic pesticide that you can't expect to work.

    Get a spray from a vets for your house. That way you can have the animals downstairs while you spray upstairs, and vice versa. Plus you're more likely to get a product that actually works. You may have to spray your house twice, 10 days apart, to get any newly hatched eggs, which are tougher to kill that the actual fleas. Skoosh spray kills eggs and larvae.

    Goes without saying you need to treat your cats with a proper veterinary treatment too.


    Source(s): vet nurse, feel free to email
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    I use sevin dust for 2 weeks and not bomb, the fumes will linger for days and the animals esp the snake will suffer. get rid of the carpet if possible. flea eggs take two weeks to incubate and they will come back by then. If you put the critters in the basement the fumes will go there and the smaller pets will be effected. Put the dust down and leave it for 2 weeks then vacuum carpet. On wood or other surfaces leave for a couple days then in 7 days do again. and then after the initial dusting do it again in two weeks. ?Fleas are the most persistent and if you get fleafestation you will not be a happy camper for they are hard to get rid of.

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    You have to prevent the fleas from spreading, thus you have to bomb the whole house at once. That means no one should be inside. In fact, it's suggested that you remove the pets tanks, bed.. etc as well.

    So no your idea probably would not be the best.

    Also check out this site:

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    NOBODY is in the house when you set them off

    final answer

    and you need to bomb the whole house at once so that there is no place to hide - - - -

    get them all set up - on newspaper -

    then start with the ones furtherest away from the door- and set them off -

    pointing them away from you as you engage them

    breathing very little - - - -

    - - -and then out the door and lock it down

    all the best - - - - - - and they work really good!

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    Flea Bombing The House

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    Sounds interesting

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