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Best Mexican Food in LA?

Ok, so I've been in LA for about a year now and haven't found anything good...which is pretty unbelievable. I mean, it is LA after all! I've tried a bunch of different places and have had to slather whatever I've ordered with Tapatio to make it semi-edible. I love Tapatio as much as the next person, but I want some food with flavor!

Around West LA/the Valley would be best, but I'll take anything. Help me find a place that makes a killerrrr burrito! Thanks in advance!


Thanks, everyone...I will for sure go and check out your suggestions! It's totally appreciated. Keep 'em comin!

Update 2:

So, I tried out Casa Vega last night and WOW! It was awesome! I even saw LARRY KING and his family there! Hahaha, it was crazy. Anyway, back to Casa Vega, I highly recommend it. I had the vegetarian burrito and it was so flavorful. The food was ready pretty quickly, too, and the chips and salsa they served were sooo good! Thanks again. Can't wait to try all of the other places!

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    There is a place in East L.A. called El Tepeyac, the burritos are ginormous, it's called the Manuel special, it costs about $15.00 but if you want one with only meat it costs $20.00, the burritos are enough to feed 4-6 people, when i went there i ordered one to go, my brother told me tht i shouldnt because of how big they are, so i ordered one anyway and ended up carrying it like a baby, i had to cradle it in both arms. I live in the SFV and i've been to casa vega, i live about a mile away and trust me if you want ggod Mexican food go to East L.A.

    812 Evergreen

    East L.A.

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    Llares Mexican Restaurant in Santa Monica has The Best Carnitas I've ever had! Kick butt margaritas. The only thing I don't like about the place are the two tired mariachis with out of tune guitars and false teeth smiles. Must be somebody's relative! Looking back on some of the other answers I see recommendation for Taco Bell and other take out places. It's interesting that some people associate Mexican cuisine only with the lowly yet delicious taco! To those folks; there's a LOT more to a Mexican meal than a taco!

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    I have to agree with Mary007, Casa Vega is great. It's on Ventura and Fulton Ave in Sherman Oaks.

    In Santa Monica there is a great place called Gilberts. It's on Pico between 25th & 26th St. Cash only. Great Margs & yummy burritos, tacos, etc.

    Or try Don Antonios' on Pico Blvd in WLA. 2 blocks E of Bundy. Also very good. $1 taco night on Wednesdays.

    Finally Paco's Tacos (2 locations) The one on Centinela in WLA (just crossing Washington Blvd) or there is one on Manchester crossing Sepulveda. I personally think the original one on Centinela is way better.


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    It's not a restaurant, but if you want the BEST need to go to Grand Central market in downtown Los Angeles


    317 S. Broadway

    Los Angeles, CA 90013

    Open Seven Days a Week,

    Monday - Sunday 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

    Telephone: (213) 624-2378

    Fax: (213) 624-9496

    There is a place in there called Tomas Tacos and they have the BEST burritos AND Tacos!!! More importantly...the basic burrito is $4 and it is packed chuck full of the best tasting chicken, CARNITAS, asada, lengua(never eatin that one) and beans and rice and salsa. The burrito is huge...I've only finished it once. Then the tacos are great as well...they're $2 and they just pack the corn tortillas with meat and then put two extra tortillas on top...because the meat spills over and you can make like 3 tacos out of one. TRY IT!

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    I'm a Mexican food fanatic!

    as for Burritos ... Carne Asada... there's a place in los angeles called El Taurino. There's a restaurant and a taco truck .. The truck is there only of Fridays and Saturdays. It's there from 9pm till 3 am IT"S SO GOOD! -although I gave up meat about a year ago I still recommend that place to everyone. Beware the lines are long ...

    For tacos...

    theres a spot in Long Beach called Baja Sonora's that's delicious!!! it's off of spring and clark street.


    Gotta say.. good ol' super mex. although it's franchised now it's till my number one spot for some good ol enchiladas.... but nothing else :)

    good luck y buen provecho!

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    If you're looking for Mexican restaurants that offer more than just your standard tacos and burritos, I have two great recs.

    Babita in San Gabriel Valley

    La Casita Mexicana in Bell

    Also, if you're willing to be really adventurous, check out the Mexican Food Stands in Boyle Heights.


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    I had the same problem when I moved here.

    Try La Fiesta Grande in South Pasadena.

    King Taco grows on you, more of a fast food kind of thing.

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    The Gardens of Taxco is the best Mexican food around it is west la/area

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    I would have to say the best Mexican restaurant is Casa Vega on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks...Just call 411 for tel# and address.

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    Oh you've been asleep. Log off and go to Tito's Tacos on Sepulveda and Washington Place!!! You will be hooked. It's just about under the 405.

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