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chemistry questions please help!?

k so our teacher gave us a handout on elements,compounds and mixtures and we have to tell weather it's one of the three... 1. sodium 2. water 3.soil 4. coffee 5. oxygen 6. alcohol 7. carbon dioxide 8. cake batter 9. air 10. soap 11. iron 12. salt water cream 14. nitrogen 15. eggs 16. blood 17. table salt 18. nail polish 19. milk 20. cola... Thats all i really appreciate if u can answer these it would help a lot and i will pick the best answer for 10 points so please answer it to get them thank you very much!

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    1element, 2compound, 3mixture, 4mixture, 5element, 6compound, 7compound, 8mixture, 9mixture, 10mixture, 11element, 12mixture, 13mixture, 14element, 15mixture, 16mixture, 17compound, 18mixture, 19mixture, 20mixture.

    An element is a pure substance that cannot be split up itno two or more simpler substances by chemical processes or by electricity.

    A compound is a pure substance that contains two or more elements chemically combined. (sodium chloride-salt)

    Mixtures are formed when two substances are added together without chemical bonds being formed.

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    1. Element

    2. Compound

    3. Mixture

    4. Mixture

    5. Element

    6. Mixture

    7. Compound

    8. Mixture

    9. Compound

    10. Mixture

    11. Element

    12. Mixture

    13. Mixture

    14. Element

    15. Mixture

    16. Mixture

    17. Compound

    18. Mixture

    19. Mixture

    20. Mixture

    Not completely sure, but it's pretty simple, You should know these things.

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    oxygen - element


    carbon dioxide-compound

    cake batter - mixture

    air - mixture



    salt water - element

    ice cream- mixture

    nitrogen - element

    eggs - compound

    blood mixture

    table salt compouund

    nail polish compound

    milk,cola mixture

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    1. element

    2. compound

    3. mixture

    4. mixture

    5. element

    6. compound

    7. compound

    8. mixture

    9. mixture?

    10. mixture?

    11. element

    12. mixture

    13. mixture

    14. element

    15. mixture

    16. compound?

    17. compound

    18. compound

    19. compound?

    20. mixture

    The ones with question marks I'm not so sure about...but I'm pretty confident about the rest.

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    Do your own homework.

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