What do you need to do to file a complaint or charges for mail theft?

My husband lived with his sister for about 6 months about 3 years ago. they have not spoken since then. He just found out that she opened some mail that was addressed to him regarding personal information. We want to know what we need to do to hold her accountable. Isn't this a federal offense tampering with someone else's mail. I also contacted united states postal inspection services, should we contact the police in her town. p.s .....she lives in another state.


hy husband and his sister have been at odds for many years. he lived with her at one point for 6 months about 3 years ago. He now lives in nother state, and she got some of his mail recently that had been sent to her address, and opened it. this is a federal offense and we want to know what we should do to hold her accountable. this info. pertained to his personal info and she knew that, she was just looking for something to hold over him

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    The Postal Service should handle this, but if they dont, find out why. It is a Federal offence.

    Did you put in a mail redirection advice?

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    There may be a statute of limitations on the crime but I think the usps police should be ok.

    I have experience with taking legal action against family. It never turns out pretty. Because once you set it in motion you can't stop it even if you have a change of heart. Besides who benefits form her being prosecuted? Is it a grudge thing or is she menace to society? You could always get a court order to recover your mail and just keep away from her.

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    The police do not handle this. You need to fill out forms for the postmaster general for an investigation. Good luck getting anything done. I had all my mail sent to my deceased husband's sister's house. They opened the mail took checks out and cashed them. Nothing was ever done about it.

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    You can threaten to report her but given the situation it will be tough to make anything stick, especially since it happened 3 years ago. She can say she saw the last name on the envelope and thought it was hers. Let it go, now you know where land mines are for the future when it comes to her.

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