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Is it safe for a dog to eat maple syrup or honey mixed into kibble?

I have it in my morning cereal and added some to my dogs dry kibble to get him to eat it in the am feeding. ( I sometimes add grated parmesean cheese with it for his dinner). Its the only way he'll eat, no matter which brand/flavor I use.

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    I dont think it will hurt him but it really isnt good for him. I add can dog food to the dry to get mine to eat it sometimes.

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    Not a great choice for the dog, or're both going to end up diabetic! ;)

    Seriously, the dog won't starve itself, back to just the dry food is best, but if you want, add some water and stir, the occasional egg, carrots, even just 1/4 can of dog food added, but canned food isn't as healthy and your dog will have better teeth without it. Sometimes a little chicken tenders or pieces (boneless obv) diced up and added, you could cook in advance and put in fridge for use over a couple days.

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    Honey and syrups can make your dog diabetic. Human gravy is too high in sodium, even if it is low fat type. So is cheese. There are "dogfood gravies" on the market, but I personally fear for their dental health with those. Canned foods scare me right now, and I still don't care for what they do to the teeth, even if I trusted their safety.

    Your dog truly won't starve itself to death if you give it k\just straight kibble. Put it down, and if the dog hasn't eaten it in half an hour, pick it back up iuntil the next meal time. Then repeat the same pattern. Your pup will eat, I promise.

    Source(s): Rescuer, vet tech, professional groomer, and show exhibitor of Shetland Sheepdogs for 20 years
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    It's fine.

    Just remember that it's adding calories as well. If he starts to get fat, you'll need to cut back and increase exersize.

    Warm water or broth may be better, low calorie, choices.

    Try gradually reducing the amount of "add ins" and see if you can get him to eat without them.

    Stick with one kibble. If you "cave" and give him something better/different, you are teaching him that being picky works. He will become even more stubborn about eating.


    DO NOT use the prepared "gravys" especially made for dogs. They're made with corn gluten and other stuff that is not good for the dog.

    Human gravies are also high in calories and fat.

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    I don't think it will hurt....but it's probably not the best for her...especially for her teeth. I will sometimes add a little something to my dogs food as a special scrambled eggs or pieces of chicken or fruit. If she is finicky, I would try adding something healthier to her food than syrup or honey.

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    The syrup and honey, is really sweet. I'd by dog gravy, or even low-fat human gravy would be good. Iams makes gravy for food that isnt too costly, there are other brands as well that are more affordable too. I use heinz beef gravy low fat/ low sodium, a few tablespoons in the food really moistens it.

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    im not sure if that would hurt a dog but i wouldn't do it though talk to ur vet to make sure that its ok first. with the dogs that i deal with they just eat their dry food without anything added to it. but that's just what my dogs do

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    I have added it occasionally but I am concerned it adds calories (my boys are already too heavy) & it cant be too healthy for their teeth. I prefer the "hot water" trick.

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    its obviously just too dry for your poor little dog. just add water or something like gravy to it. but err...i guess golden/maple syrup cudnt hurt, i wudve thought that it may have been 2 sweet.

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    It's not good for him - sugar is harmful to dogs.

    What are you feeding your dog?

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