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Demons and angels among us?

Please only pastors or ministers, People who have gone through bibly school or studied bible theology. And Christians only, need someone with the holy spirit in them.

Do demons and angels walk among us. I am watching the movie Constantine with keanu Reeves and it is making me think that this whole thing is more serious than I thought.

If so what are they capable of?

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    I'm not a pastor or a minister. I'm a missionary, so I have a lot of biblical knowlege. Yes, there are angels and demons among us, but not in a crazy way where they're going to possess everyone. They're around, but not to harm us..more to harm...eachother.

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    Angels and demons are definitely among us. Of course Hollywood sensationalizes this to the point where it does not seem plausible, but it actually is. Read the first 2 chapters of Job, any of the gospels, the book of Acts, or Paul's epistles - just to name a few sources.

    If you like fiction, read the book "This present darkness" by Frank Peretti. It is the most vivid (and Biblically-based) depiction of spiritual warfare that I have ever read.

    p.s. You cannot possibly think too much about your faith, as one responder suggested.

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    Satan an his demons were cast down to Earth after the War of the Heavens; therefore, we live among evil spirits. Angels are God's messengers. Angels are not currently interacting with us. They are getting ready for the War of Armageddon. After this war Satan and his demons will be chained in the abyss for a thousand year. Angel would then be able to interact with us without being taken as demons disguising themselves as angels of light.

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    Sorry, also not a pastor. But just from reading the Bible when it talks in Eph. about the whole armor of God because we wrestle with principalities and powers of darkness. And unlike the missionary says, they are here, working for Satan to pull us away from the LORD. Spiritual warfare is very real and we are taught how to fight it all throughout the Bible.

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    Yes demons and angels are among us.I attended a Christian school in my youth and had to write a paper on demons. The more I studied on them the more weird things happen. I spoke to my teacher and told demons really hate to be learned about. Shortly after I finished school a young man jumped to his death and this class was canceled

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    Yes there are angels that walk among us and unfortunately some were once angels gone bad but still have their angelic powers but without the grace of God.

  • Constantine, while a good movie, is fiction.

    Yes, Angels and Demons are among us all the time, doing good and evil, fighting the eternal war. Humans usually aren't brought into it, but some are.

    They're capable of many things, but it just depends on the angel and which type they are.

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    Demons and angels among us ?


    This is borne out in the Bible

    on many occasions --- study

    to show thyself approved --

    a workman rightly dividing

    the Word of Truth !!

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    Angels and demons are very real. I don't know about the movie, but yes, things do exist beyond humans.

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    I used to be a Pagan ( i belived in God but i sinned recklessly) until, on ocassion, i was literally strangled by demons for several nights. During the ordeal, i would be completely AWAKE, but i couldn' t move my body and i would see horrific faces of demons fade in and out... and i could hear their voices so vividly... anyway i converted my Pagan a** to Roman Catholocism and i glad that God woke me up to my Salvation.

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